Wednesday, 9 October 2013

it's funny ... just when you need a band the most - they come back.

   the best thing was I didn't really know who it was until the end. 
   the image change completely threw me ... but the sound was so 
   familiar ... just couldn't quite place it. so glad I couldn't, because 
   that moment when the name popped up at the very end as I 
   watched MTV ...

   regarding the video ... I have no words.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


I hate the Summer. But I was glad for it this year. Not that I didn't
hate it - it's hard to be grieving when you are having to put up with
the heat and brightness and happy people all around you. But the
thing was, having to put up with the heat, just getting through each
day of it, helped because it gave my mind something else to focus

I know how hard it was in January when my Dad got ill and it was

touch and go ... how hard it was to go through all that amid snow,
freezing temperatures and general winter bleakness. So even though
I hated it, I will be forever grateful that the Summer was there.

I normally like Autumn, but now it just makes me think that the

seasons are changing and those bright Sunny skies will soon be
gone ... those skies that helped mask the situation ... and then all
you'll be left with are grey days and your thoughts.

I am going to force myself to start blogging again. sometimes I'll

think of an idea - but then in the same thought will think I can't
be bothered - but I'm going to force myself. because I don't want 
to remain in that state of mind.

Thank you Randy and Krystle.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

my dad died on monday. please if
you can say a little prayer for me
and my family.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

What Are You Wearing ... Who Are You Listening To? ... NEW YORK ... #7

   Christina, 18
   (taken on St Marks Place on the Sunday morning ... a nice sunny
   autumn day. funny thing was I had approached St Marks from the
   opposite side and didn't realise I was there because I was entering
   from the bottom of the street (and for some reason I thought it was
   a dead end street and you couldn't even enter from another side?!)
   anyway within a second I realised where I was. saw Christina and 
   went on over. soon as I saw her I thought you'd like her Marlena(!!)

   shirt good-will
   trousers:  from Hot Topic where I work
   jacket:  thrift store
   boots:  from a thrift store round here called NO RELATION
   bracelets:  the one with the not so pointy spikes I made ... the
   other I got from Hot Topic. the bondage bracelet I got from a
   thrift store - which is kinda weird because it was used(!) but
   whatever ... it looks cool!
   arm warmers:  this one (above left) I don't remember where
   I got it from and this one (right) was like a sock ... I cut it out
   style inspiration:  I don't really know ... I just wear what I like
   I guess. I don't really like ... look to other people

   last song you listened to:  Sex Pistols - Anarchy In The UK 
   because it was playing in Search and Destroy (good answer
   but I wondered what the last song she purposely listened to
   was) ... probably Saturday Night by the Misfits because it's
   been stuck in my head all week.
   last album you bought:  something by Bad Brains, I can't remember
   last gig you saw:  oh my god, I haven't been to a concert in forever
   I think it was Green Day when I was like 13!! in Connecticut. they
   were my favourite band when I was younger but not anymore!!

   side note> during the interview, Christina told me she had cut her
   own hair!!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

my current favourite band.

   I literally have no words for how much I love them.

Monday, 24 June 2013

morrissey monday.


 1st album.
 1st song.


 this will be repeated many many times
 in the coming years.

 leather elbows on a tweed coat
 oh is that the best you can do?

Thursday, 20 June 2013

What Are You Wearing ... Who Are You Listening To? ... NEW YORK ... #6

   Nikolai, 31
   (1. how cool is this dude. exactly. and 2. yes finally a picture of a guy)

   this was taken on the saturday morning ... between 9-10 ... around 5th
   avenue on my way to the apple store (I was having a problem with my
   mac importing pictures from flickr) ... very cool looking store but very
   rude guy serving me. it was a pretty cold morning, probably 10 degrees
   colder than the day before. so cold, that walking down the streets I could
   kind of envisage what it must be like to be there in the winter. I didn't
   realise before I left how much colder it was. hence still wearing my knee
   length dickie style shorts and 'Unbroken meat is murder  hoodie. and why
   mid-conversation Nikolai said to me (in an american accent don't forget)
   'I do believe your lip is bleeding from the cold' - making it the singular 
   most coolest thing I heard my whole trip there.

   jacket all saints
   sweater:  asos
   suspenders:  zara
   jeans:  all saints
   boots:  all saints
   cap:  new york hat company

   style inspiration:  I forgot to ask this!! yes.I know. I went straight to
   'last song you listened to. it's the first time I've ever missed a question
   out. kinda bummed cause I'd like to have known his answer. how could
   this have happened? I'll put it down to a/the cold ... b/general tiredness
   from non-stop walking and constant worrying the moz gigs would be
   cancelled ... and c/just the shock of finally getting a cool dude for this

   last song you listened to: (right before I stopped him!) Johnny Cash 
   The Fourth Man In The Fire 
   last album you bought: Johnny Cash box set - Unearthed (where the
   above song is from)
   last gig you saw:  The XX at Terminal 5

Monday, 17 June 2013

morrissey monday.

   Classic Moz.
   gold lamé
 and rock-a-billy.

Monday, 10 June 2013

morrissey monday.

  returning in majestic and epic style.

  cool moz fans.
  cool moz fans.
  cool moz fans.

Friday, 7 June 2013


   I am now the proud owner of these 'Smiths badges.
   yes 2 the same (I like to have spares!) after I won the first
   I saw the same one from someone else. it was a bidding war
   between Smiths fans. of course I was victorious. I had to
   have them. definitely my favourite Smiths badges I have.

   yes I paid £7.50 for a badge.
   yes I paid £10.50 for a badge.

   but to be more specific ...
   yes that alters it a bit doesn't it.

   let's be reminded of the wondorous-ness of this band


   the second seller said this about the badge:


   very interesting. from the font/colours I'd say they are definitely
   1985 MEAT IS MURDER period.

   would morrissey approve? most definitely.
   young moz was a fervent badge wearer and clearly understood
   their importance.

   ps. on the subject of badges - I need this one so bad.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Monday, 27 May 2013

Friday, 24 May 2013

I was walking through the town centre today - down a narrow-ish  
street of high buildings and for a second I felt like I was in new
york. just how the darkening sky and sudden shift in light affected
the buildings and everything around you. it only lasted a second.
but it was a nice feeling.

I've been listening a lot to Jessie Ware this week. I love this
album. perfectly suits the cold/wintery/rainy/blustery weather
we are having (so bad I actually keep thinking we are in autumn
- then I remember) but you know what - I actually don't mind it 
except I hate getting wet - which is a bit of an oxymoron ... and
that last bit is pretty ironic considering I live in the uk.

I'm working on the new york photos at the moment. every
time I look at them my heart aches a little bit - I'm not even
joking. they are coming soon. very soon. in 1's and 2's. look
out for posts with the title #newyork

this album is great. buy it.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


   snagged this shirt on the 'bay. I had to have it at whatever
   cost. luckily that worked out at just $15.50. one slight problem
   ... it's XL. haha I just know when it arrives and I take it out it's
   going to be ginormous!!! - but I'm just gonna have to try and
   shrink it down and/or roll the sleeves up - 'cause it's my new
   favourite t shirt. I particularly love the wording on the back.

   would Morrissey approve?

Monday, 13 May 2013

morrissey monday.

moz and the boys driving around Phoenix
dashingly handsome in black and white
like the coolest gang that ever existed

don't you wish your life was like a morrissey video?

Thursday, 9 May 2013

What Are You Wearing ... Who Are You Listening To? ... NEW YORK ... #5

   Hayley, 20
   (taken outside FIT building, 7th Avenue on the Friday morning. I had just
   been to the Post Office (very impressive building - THOSE STEPS!!) on 8th
   avenue to post a postcard to my cousin in Italy. when I went in it was all
   bright sunshine, when I came out it was grey and overcast and it was like
   everything suddenly changed. buildings now seemed overpowering, tall

   and imposing. I walked onto 7th avenue, passed the FIT building and saw
   Hayley. first thing I said to her was how the weather had suddenly changed.
   ... it was nice speaking to her at that moment)

   jacket Forever 21
   dress:  Urban outfitters
   socks:  Forever 21
   boots:  Frye (a gift from my cousin) 
   bag:  from a company my sister works for called Derin International 
   style inspiration:  I get a lot of inspiration from the 40's + 50's ... I'm 
   very into the whole kind of rockabilly pin-up girl ... with a little bit
   of a like punk rock edge to it ... definitely comes from music like you
   were saying (I had said how this feature was about how the music
   you listen to can influence what you wear) ... I just really like that
   kind of vintage 40's/50's look ... that's like my main inspiration

   last song you listened to:  Elvis Presley - Heartbreak Hotel 
   last album you bought:  I don't remember the album, but I'm pretty
   sure the last artist I downloaded was Pennywise (nice answer!)
   (Here is a Pennywsise song)
   last gig you saw:  Angus Stone at The Bowery Ballroom 

Monday, 6 May 2013

morrissey monday.

   a new feature. something morrissey. 
   on a monday.

   I love this song.
   I love this video.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

song of the year. already.

  Alison Moyet IS BACK.
 *this* is how to make a comeback.

 I knew Alison had a new record coming out.
 but I kind of expected it to be more soulful bluesy stuff.

 then I saw the below.


   how amazing is this song??

   I love that it has a real torch song/kd lang feel
   but with a real urgent driving beat. I seriously
   love the verses - they are my favourite part of

   the whole song.

   all I've listened to for the past 2 days. I love how
   a song comes from nowhere and affects you like this.
   why I love music.

   bought off itunes and the album pre-ordered.
   4 months in. my single of the year.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

random #5

here's Random #5 - please let me know if you have any favourites.
I love reading what people like.

here's a song to listen to while scrolling down. it's my favourite
Tori song and is in my top 5 songs of all time.

and I just want to say it is basically just about the first 4 below.






Dolce&Gabbana “Bianca Balti” in Italiana _ by Luca finotti


valentino autumn/winter 2012-2013

model reaction gifs

Cry-Baby (1990)


Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion (1997)



Happy Anniversary, Twin Peaks!
The pilot aired on April 8th, 1990.



Jacob Morton

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