Thursday, 23 January 2014



   I bidded £81.oo on a vintage 80's SMITHS 'Rank shirt ... and STILL

   and because I bidded in the last few seconds, there wasn't time to 
   bid again ... vintage smiths shirts often sell for up to £100 (QUEEN
   IS DEAD shirts often go for about £120) ... and I know it is a crazy
   amount of money, but I wished I'd bidded more. I really love the
   all I know is, if a Strangeways Here We Come t shirt ever comes up,

   I'm having a little cry inside right now as I look at this pic.

Monday, 13 January 2014

morrissey monday.

   morrissey.  james dean.
   morrissey.  james dean.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Moz does a book-signing. Fans queue for hours.

   I like the patting of the roses and how he has his pens all set out
    ... how friendly and lovely is our moz

   this was written under the above video:

   'This is the very last seconds of the Morrissey autobiography 
   signing in Nordstan, Gothenburg. I find it amazing how loyal 
   the fans in line were, even tho we knew we was waiting in 
   vain we stood there, just enjoying his presence. I wasnt even 
   half way after four hours of waiting, and still there was several 
   hundreds of people behind me, nobody complained even tho 
   they knew they wouldnt get to talk to him. Actually I think 
   secretly a lot of people thought it was a good thing not to 
   meet with him because it might have taken away a bit of the 
   mysteriosity around him that we worship just as much as he 
   himself :) The few people that got the chance to talk to him 
   got his attenchon for quite a while though, that must have 
   been amazing :) I feel so sad for those who were right next to
   get to go in! I understand these womans reaction, I really do 
   sympathize with'er!'