Friday, 18 March 2011

have you ever been listening to a song, watching a film and it's just been too
much to take in - such is the assault on your senses that everything stops in
that split second as you realise what is happening to you ... Patrick Wolf
THE BACHELOR - track 5:  Damaris ... seriously this dude is killing me.

so I've bought Patrick's 4 albums ... I'm starting with his most recent album 
but I can't get past this track ... such is it's impact.

sweeping strings, ernest austere military beats ... intertwined irish whistle
snatches ... that whispered WAIT FOR ME ... the final sound of (salvational)
choral voices ... and that beginning ... I mean just those first 25 seconds 
*alone* ... geez

like I said, seriously this dude is killing me.

here is this song live ... check out that amazing outfit

''the song is semi-autobiographical and centred on the loss of love, but was
also inspired by a tale discovered by Patrick when he went to seek out his
English roots after a period of heartbreak and the ending of a relationship
that was documented in the song The
Magic Position

... tracing the roots of his father under the family name Apps back to
family of ferret
-catchers and blacksmiths in Brede, East Sussex, Patrick
stumbled across a small wooden cross engraved with the female name
Damaris among the gravestones of his ancestors'

Monday, 14 March 2011

''... won't let this city destroy our love'

'if you had told me one year ago that Patrick Wolf would write a song like
this, I wouldn't have believed it' - youtube comment

To say I was surprised would be an understatement ... okay so I knew who
Patrick Wolf was - I had read about him over the years ... heard some bits of
his music and had seen a video a few years back ... which kind of explains my
surprise when I saw the 'THE CITY' video

if you've not seen anything by Patrick before, you might be thinking  'yeah so'
well compare the above to a couple of his older videos ... the first video below
is the one that I'd previously seen

notice a difference?! ... it is very different to what has gone before - but not
in a bad way ... okay so parts of the video remind me of THE O.C. merged
with a BENETTON ad - but I can overlook that as there are so parts of the
video, these split-second visuals that I totally love ... and then there's the
music, right in your face bombastic joyfullness ... the more I hear the song,
the more it astounds me ... just the whole structure of it (I mean just the
first minute alone) the tinkling piano, the pounding drums ... the repeated
vocals - it's no wonder that it fills you (instantly) with such a strong feeling
... and just when you think it's getting to be TOO MUCH - it takes a step
back, then comes right back at you, full impact - giving you that giddy rush
all over again ... I mean how can you not love a song like that.

things I don't like about it:  just one thing ... the cheesy 'Baywatch saxophone
bit (sounding all 80's muzak) all over the song (though it is actually kind of
growing on me)

things I like about it: well whole great song aside ... love these little things,

when Patrick says 'C'mon' at 1.35 sounding all (cali dude - 'SUP) ... clearly
a thousand miles away from the real Patrick - but it totally works in the
song ... sounds really natural, and adds a great little feeling ... and one of
the best parts of the song: the trumpets that come in at the end (sounding
all triumphant) ... boy do they get you.

as to be expected, this new style has got a mixed reaction from fans - here
are some of the YOUTUBE comments

'compared to wind in the wires: disgusting'

'it's okay i guess. nothing, NOTHING compared to his old stuff (Lycanthropy
and Wind In The Wires). it makes me feel so sad to see how his music has 

changed. it used to sound rougher, rawer and in a way more natural.
i miss the earlier Patrick Wolf so much!'

'I don't understand people who can't see the joyful abandon in this song
He's not depressed anymore so we're not going to get Wind in The Wires

part 2 anytime soon. Besides, he already made that album and it was
great but so is this. Do you really want this guy, or anyone to make the
same record over and over? Love it or leave it. I know I'm the former'

'I don't think he's sold out. This album is simply different and more upbeat
than his previous offering. It reflects where he is in his life at the moment.
I really like the song'

'I absoloutely  adore this new single, it fills me with so much joy and hope'

 'If you had told me one year ago that Patrick Wolf would write a song like
this, I wouldn't have believed it'

'When I first heard some of Patrick Wolf's songs 5 years ago I didn't really
like him and didn't pay any attention to him - I really regret that now, this
is nothing short of perfection'

'Good to see Mr Wolf found his happy place and glad he's sharing, implies
there's hope for us all =]'

 'I love it! Patrick, you're saving my faith in love! Lupercalia couldn't come
at a better time!'

 'i feel some incomprehensible pain when I listen to this song and watch the
video. patrick seems strange. i guess it is because he has always been the

lonely dreamer but now we see him with a bunch of friends. i guess it began
with damaris'

'It's lovely to see him happy ... and it is quite heartbreaking to see people
criticising his music for reflecting that!'

'I bloody love Patrick, he is a genius and i defend him to people a lot.
This is however the first thing he has done I am struggling to connect to!
Its too goddamn happy!! I love his imagery and more folk aspect usually.
This utter spectacle scares me somewhat!! At least he is happy though, its
a shame happiness breeds such things though I do love him though, the
guy has written such amazing songs I will  hold judgement until I hear
the album. I hope its a grower!!'

 'This video really reminds me of an American Apparel ad. I can't stop
watching it, never felt happier'

the comments are interesting ... it seems that some people find it hard to 
embrace this 'happier side to Patrick and would prefer him to just repeat
everything he has done in the past ... the comments that I like are the ones
that take the total opposite view ... the people who say (they've) 'never felt
happier' and (Good to see Mr Wolf found his happy place) '...there's hope
for us all' (the song) 'fills me with such joy and hope' ... my favourite is the
one that I used for the title of this piece '... if you had told me one year ago
that Patrick Wolf would write a song like this, I wouldn't have believed it' 

... so true, I mean as little as I knew about Patrick I (still) would never have
expected anything *LIKE THIS* ... and that's what the most amazing thing
about this song is ... it shows just what can happen when you look outside
of the box ... you know: possibility - change - past does not equate future.
that whole ethos explored here with spectacular results.

just as a listener there is something incredibly exhilerating getting caught
up in  a song as joyous as this - and this is all as a listener - you can only
imagine what it must be like when you are the person creating it ... makes
me think of these lyrics 'the moment I let go of it, was the moment I got
more than I could handle'
- the people criticising this new direction would
do good to bear this in mind.

but for me the best thing about the song is the feeling it leaves you with 
... every so often a song comes along and just makes you see things a bit
- and that is what happens with this song ... it really reminds
you just why you put your faith in (the power of) music in the first place.

and all this from a song that came out of the blue on a monday afternoon
... not bad at all.

THE CITY is out now
the album LUPERCALIA is out on 30 May

what do you think to THE CITY ... is this song impacting you as much?!
especially interested in people who have NEVER heard of Patrick before
what do you think to this new sound ... his old sound ... and Patrick in