Wednesday, 1 May 2013

song of the year. already.

  Alison Moyet IS BACK.
 *this* is how to make a comeback.

 I knew Alison had a new record coming out.
 but I kind of expected it to be more soulful bluesy stuff.

 then I saw the below.


   how amazing is this song??

   I love that it has a real torch song/kd lang feel
   but with a real urgent driving beat. I seriously
   love the verses - they are my favourite part of

   the whole song.

   all I've listened to for the past 2 days. I love how
   a song comes from nowhere and affects you like this.
   why I love music.

   bought off itunes and the album pre-ordered.
   4 months in. my single of the year.


  1. I love her voice. I was such a Yaz fan. The last time I saw her she was not that thin. Still has that wonderful voice.

    1. I love how YAZOO were called YAZ
      in the states!! - haha, one of my (many)
      gig regrets - not going to see them
      when they did reformation gigs a few
      years back.