Tuesday, 26 July 2011


' The boys of Summer are out to play
Screaming, laughing, pulling, pushing
Nothing can get in their way

Cruising in their Daddies open top cars
The wind rushing through their hair
Boys so wild they imagine they are off to mars

Running in and out of the warm water
splashing everyone as they go
Rushing for an ice cream only costing them a quarter

Now as the sun sets beyond the hills
Time for the boys to come home
Wondering how the next day fills '

by XoOrdinaryGirlox



Tuesday, 19 July 2011

La Dolce Vita

so I was in Italy recently (I'm half Italian) ... and I thought it'd be
interesting to try and get some photos that captured the essence of
where I was ... and that also give a snapshot of what Italy is like in

the photos are all in order as they were taken - so it's like you are
seeing things as I saw them

my favourite pictures are the green coloured statue and the 4 above
it ... I just loved how the light was around there ... I had to climb a lot
of steps to get up there - but stumbling across that made it more than
worth it ... and also for that view looking down at the sea

I'm interested in what your favourites are?