Thursday, 20 June 2013

What Are You Wearing ... Who Are You Listening To? ... NEW YORK ... #6

   Nikolai, 31
   (1. how cool is this dude. exactly. and 2. yes finally a picture of a guy)

   this was taken on the saturday morning ... between 9-10 ... around 5th
   avenue on my way to the apple store (I was having a problem with my
   mac importing pictures from flickr) ... very cool looking store but very
   rude guy serving me. it was a pretty cold morning, probably 10 degrees
   colder than the day before. so cold, that walking down the streets I could
   kind of envisage what it must be like to be there in the winter. I didn't
   realise before I left how much colder it was. hence still wearing my knee
   length dickie style shorts and 'Unbroken meat is murder  hoodie. and why
   mid-conversation Nikolai said to me (in an american accent don't forget)
   'I do believe your lip is bleeding from the cold' - making it the singular 
   most coolest thing I heard my whole trip there.

   jacket all saints
   sweater:  asos
   suspenders:  zara
   jeans:  all saints
   boots:  all saints
   cap:  new york hat company

   style inspiration:  I forgot to ask this!! yes.I know. I went straight to
   'last song you listened to. it's the first time I've ever missed a question
   out. kinda bummed cause I'd like to have known his answer. how could
   this have happened? I'll put it down to a/the cold ... b/general tiredness
   from non-stop walking and constant worrying the moz gigs would be
   cancelled ... and c/just the shock of finally getting a cool dude for this

   last song you listened to: (right before I stopped him!) Johnny Cash 
   The Fourth Man In The Fire 
   last album you bought: Johnny Cash box set - Unearthed (where the
   above song is from)
   last gig you saw:  The XX at Terminal 5

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