Monday, 26 May 2014

Nine Inch Nails/Cold Cave - Nottingham FM Arena - 24 May 2014


  if truth be told, I was just as excited to see Cold Cave as I was
  Nine Inch Nails (who I *have* seen before) ... so I made sure 
  I got there early enough to see them.

  perfect before a note had even been played.

   'can we lower the lights a bit' 
  (lower the lights!! ... someone  next to me says)
  'we're from California, but don't judge us'
  'where are we?' (it's a joke!)

  so after only ever listening to them, I was finally seeing them.
  and whereas it's one thing to listen to them on cd, seeing it live 
  in front of you was another thing altogether. their juddering 
  beats washing over an almost frozen (statue-like) audience was 
  just a vision of pure perfection, that I was fortunate enough to 
  be caught up in, in a trance-like state.

  you need this band in your life.

   seriously - how.damn.perfect. is this band ... 

   above - audience shot from just before the start of NIN

   Nine Inch Nails started (first video below) as they meant to go  
   on ... a  juggernaut of brutal power and sound. I got all of the songs
   I wanted. the only one they didn't do was We're In This Together 
   I didn't film any of my favourite songs (if I did, just a few seconds) 
   because I wanted to enjoy the song ... hence just 50 seconds of 
   THE HAND THAT FEEDS and only 15 seconds(!) of HEAD LIKE A 
   HOLE ... nothing of Terrible lie (though here's someone else's vid)
   I was really pleased to hear The Day The World Went Away as
   it's the perfect song to hear live ... and get lost in. crowd-wise 
   people were really into it, though there wasn't any real mass
   movement, when I last saw them at Brixton Academy in London
   it was brutal, I nearly died in the crush near the front! but you
   never get the same thing at arena shows. I have no doubt if the
   gig would have been at a smaller venue, it would have been exactly
   the same. Hurt ended the gig and fittingly was the total opposite
   to how the gig had started. as ever with gigs, once it's over I wish 
   I had it all to look forward to and do again. but that's the beauty
   of gigs, how they always leave you with that feeling.

  Cold Cave

  Underworld USA 
  Youth and Lust 
  A Little Death to Laugh 
  Love Comes Close 
  Heaven Was Full 
  People are Poison 
  Icons of Summer 

  Nine Inch Nails

  Somewhat Damaged 
  The Beginning of the End 
  Terrible Lie 
  March of the Pigs 
  Gave Up 
  All Time Low 
  The Warning 
  The Great Destroyer 
  The Hand That Feeds 
  Head Like a Hole 

  The Day the World Went Away 

Friday, 16 May 2014

where I was last night.

in Nottingham for a gig ... (unbelievably) the first time
seeing one of their gigs ... but I now have.

I have so much to say ... so much ... but I will 
save it for the review ... check back in a few days. 
but for the time being, here's a little bit from the 
start of the gig. 

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

10 reasons why Moz's comeback single is rather magnificent.


     Morrissey is back today with a new single ... and yes it is 
     very exciting to be able to say that. and M did not disappoint. 
     here are the 10 reasons why Moz's comeback single is rather 
   1. it starts off all menacing and tribal-like, who does that? 
       no-one. except Moz.
   2. then on a flick of his heel/flick of his wrist (you choose) 
       goes into the sweetest refrain you've EVER heard. clever 
       one Moz.
   3. it sounds like a distant blissed out cousin of Ouija Board 
       (this is a very.good.thing.)
   4. talking of that ... is it only me who gets a (albeit very faint)
        surf/hawaiian feel from the music?? I love it.
   5. I really like how that music feels like it's doing it's own 
        thing in the background ... it feels like you never know 
        which direction it's going to go in.
   6. the lyrics. is it too much to ask for intelligent meaningful 
        lyrics these days? seemingly. Moz returns and in 1 song 
        alone, shows the banality of everyone else's lyrics.
   7. at 3.51 because of *that* (err wow) music break that's just 
        occurred ... it comes back sounding more victorious and 
        euphoric than ever.
   8. we can all feel a bit smug. as in THIS IS WHY WE LOVE HIM.
   9. the video (yes a point dedicated just to it)
   10. with M just reciting the lyrics, Nancy SINATRA wandering
          in all Debbie-Harry like(!!) and the whole thing having the
          air of a Twin Peaks (it's true!!) Fire Walk-With Me never
          before seen moment - it's pretty damn perfect.


     World Peace Is None Of Your Business is available to buy 
     now on itunes.