Thursday, 27 June 2013

What Are You Wearing ... Who Are You Listening To? ... NEW YORK ... #7

   Christina, 18
   (taken on St Marks Place on the Sunday morning ... a nice sunny
   autumn day. funny thing was I had approached St Marks from the
   opposite side and didn't realise I was there because I was entering
   from the bottom of the street (and for some reason I thought it was
   a dead end street and you couldn't even enter from another side?!)
   anyway within a second I realised where I was. saw Christina and 
   went on over. soon as I saw her I thought you'd like her Marlena(!!)

   shirt good-will
   trousers:  from Hot Topic where I work
   jacket:  thrift store
   boots:  from a thrift store round here called NO RELATION
   bracelets:  the one with the not so pointy spikes I made ... the
   other I got from Hot Topic. the bondage bracelet I got from a
   thrift store - which is kinda weird because it was used(!) but
   whatever ... it looks cool!
   arm warmers:  this one (above left) I don't remember where
   I got it from and this one (right) was like a sock ... I cut it out
   style inspiration:  I don't really know ... I just wear what I like
   I guess. I don't really like ... look to other people

   last song you listened to:  Sex Pistols - Anarchy In The UK 
   because it was playing in Search and Destroy (good answer
   but I wondered what the last song she purposely listened to
   was) ... probably Saturday Night by the Misfits because it's
   been stuck in my head all week.
   last album you bought:  something by Bad Brains, I can't remember
   last gig you saw:  oh my god, I haven't been to a concert in forever
   I think it was Green Day when I was like 13!! in Connecticut. they
   were my favourite band when I was younger but not anymore!!

   side note> during the interview, Christina told me she had cut her
   own hair!!


  1. Cute photo subject. I like her answers too. I think you should do a self portrait one.

  2. i don't really know..i just wear what i like. she's awesome.