Thursday, 9 May 2013

What Are You Wearing ... Who Are You Listening To? ... NEW YORK ... #5

   Hayley, 20
   (taken outside FIT building, 7th Avenue on the Friday morning. I had just
   been to the Post Office (very impressive building - THOSE STEPS!!) on 8th
   avenue to post a postcard to my cousin in Italy. when I went in it was all
   bright sunshine, when I came out it was grey and overcast and it was like
   everything suddenly changed. buildings now seemed overpowering, tall

   and imposing. I walked onto 7th avenue, passed the FIT building and saw
   Hayley. first thing I said to her was how the weather had suddenly changed.
   ... it was nice speaking to her at that moment)

   jacket Forever 21
   dress:  Urban outfitters
   socks:  Forever 21
   boots:  Frye (a gift from my cousin) 
   bag:  from a company my sister works for called Derin International 
   style inspiration:  I get a lot of inspiration from the 40's + 50's ... I'm 
   very into the whole kind of rockabilly pin-up girl ... with a little bit
   of a like punk rock edge to it ... definitely comes from music like you
   were saying (I had said how this feature was about how the music
   you listen to can influence what you wear) ... I just really like that
   kind of vintage 40's/50's look ... that's like my main inspiration

   last song you listened to:  Elvis Presley - Heartbreak Hotel 
   last album you bought:  I don't remember the album, but I'm pretty
   sure the last artist I downloaded was Pennywise (nice answer!)
   (Here is a Pennywsise song)
   last gig you saw:  Angus Stone at The Bowery Ballroom 


  1. love streetstyle posts! she looks cool, love her hair! so jealous she got to see angus stone. he is my love <3

  2. Excellent post, she's cute. I hope your having a great weekend.