Wednesday, 9 October 2013

it's funny ... just when you need a band the most - they come back.

   the best thing was I didn't really know who it was until the end. 
   the image change completely threw me ... but the sound was so 
   familiar ... just couldn't quite place it. so glad I couldn't, because 
   that moment when the name popped up at the very end as I 
   watched MTV ...

   regarding the video ... I have no words.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


I hate the Summer. But I was glad for it this year. Not that I didn't
hate it - it's hard to be grieving when you are having to put up with
the heat and brightness and happy people all around you. But the
thing was, having to put up with the heat, just getting through each
day of it, helped because it gave my mind something else to focus

I know how hard it was in January when my Dad got ill and it was

touch and go ... how hard it was to go through all that amid snow,
freezing temperatures and general winter bleakness. So even though
I hated it, I will be forever grateful that the Summer was there.

I normally like Autumn, but now it just makes me think that the

seasons are changing and those bright Sunny skies will soon be
gone ... those skies that helped mask the situation ... and then all
you'll be left with are grey days and your thoughts.

I am going to force myself to start blogging again. sometimes I'll

think of an idea - but then in the same thought will think I can't
be bothered - but I'm going to force myself. because I don't want 
to remain in that state of mind.

Thank you Randy and Krystle.