Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Morrissey - Radio City Music Hall, New York 10/10/12

  'oh yeah that's what I meant to do' ... the exact thought as I made my
   way down into the (basically) huge (HUGE!) auditorium of seats that
   is Radio city music hall and stopped at my row. in that precise second
   I remembered that I wasn't 18 rows from the stage ... I was actually
   double that as the seats went rows AA-ZZ and then A-Z. I was row m.
   when I booked the ticket in June I knew this and was going to try and
   get a seat closer. but then as the months went by I forgot all about the
   seating and by August was picturing 18 rows in front of me and thinking
   'not to bad ... no need to be geting another ticket' - oblivious to what I
   had thought back in June.

   so I'm at radio city music hall. gotta admit I ran the last block. just wanted
   to get there. to be there inside, know it was taking place. I only stopped to
   get a compliment about my 'Kill Uncle t shirt off some woman on the way
   to the gig with her family, saying she had that t shirt in the car and nearly
   wore it. I told her about the great new songs 'art hounds/the kids a looker
   and to listen out for them!

   then I was there, saw the below ... bustling people everywhere ... and was

   radio city music hall in lights. morrissey sold out. yellow cabs. am I dreaming?
   no dude. you really are in new york to see morrissey.

   I was soon inside, marvelling at the layout and design of the foyer (wow)
   surrounded by Morrissey fans. I was amongst New York Morrissey fans.
   the one thing I had always wanted to see. just to see american fans of this
   very british singer ... to see his gigs from a different viewpoint. and after
   wishing for it for so long. I was there.

   was that really Jonathan, the lead singer of THE DRUMS who has just
   passed me by??!! - (yes it was, I have since seen a picture of him at
   the gig) ... I was pretty sure it was him (I knew he liked Morrissey)
   I was more concerned with the fact that in that split second I could
   not remember his name at all ... my mind just went completely blank.
   hence why I didn't say anything. 'hey lead singer of the Drums' is not
   really the thing to say. damn ... what a time to forget someone's name.
   I really like them. I love 'I felt stupid.

   rows and rows of seats in front of me. hmm.
   plus side. how grand does it all look.

  I was so relieved when Morrissey and the band walked out onstage.
  he was there, I was there, everything was okay! - haha worry much?!

   tell me this start *didn't* floor you?? - GO ON TELL ME IT DIDN'T.
   the start. I was utterly shocked LAST NIGHT started the gig. I love this
   video I found on youtube as it reminds me of the moment when in that 
   huge cavenous dark room, the opening bars of LAST NIGHT came out
   of nowhere (and in the midst of that music) and just got you right there
   completely off-guard. surreal and just just perfect. I loved getting this
   hit of emotion as a gig opener when normally it is something upbeat
   ... and in these surroundings it was just so damn perfect. 

   so I'm on the seat next to the aisle. during the first few songs I'm straining
   my neck trying to see what is happening down the front. are they letting
   people go down to the front? are people hopping over the first 3 rows to
   stand at the front like we did at The Palladium (from what I can see this
   is definitely not happening) I decide to go and see if you can go down to
   the front. you can't, there's a girl guarding the rope like her life depends
   on it.

   but as I arrive there I see that there is a seat at the very end of the aisle
   on the left with no-one sitting in it. I mean what would you do?! so I did!
   I went and stood in it! - it is a good position because I am just a few rows
   away from the girl who is militantly guarding the roped off front section.
   you are not getting past there without a ticket for that section. there is
   going to be no storming the front of the stage. there was 1 chance for me
   to get into that section, when she showed someone to their row. perfect
   chance for me to sneak by and take up a seat on the aisle that was empty
   and then just saunter on down to the front. exept she never had to show
   anyone else to their seat so I never got another chance ... and then some
   poodle haired guy came back (yeah whose seat I was in) said something
   sarcastic like 'didn't want to pay for a ticket? ... I wanted to say stuff like
   I'd come from the uk and just was there cause no-one else was and just
   wanted to get a better view. but no words came out and I just couldn't be
   bothered explaining myself and just went back (pretty embarassingly)
   to my seat. well I'd had a better view for a few songs. got some photos.
   and realised that it didn't really matter. people wern't really going crazy
   in the front rows  - so a seat's a seat regardless where it was. and anyway
   by then I didn't mind. I just resided myself to enjoying it where I was.
   the set list is pretty much the same as the manchester gig (but in a
   different order) with a few exceptions (how soon is now is out ... oh
   how I'd loved it to have stayed - and so is Please please - but look at
   the new additions) 'Spring-Heeled Jim!! - never expected to hear that
   one. even better was 'Shoplifters of the world unite!!! ... the moment
   when that started up!!! ... have to check my gig history but pretty
   sure I've not heard it before.

   the mozzy one.

   yes, but I'm still asking WHO IS MORRISSEYSWORLD????

   funny thing when EVERYDAY IS LIKE SUNDAY started and I was like
   'now you start affecting me!!!' - when I'm trapped in a seat all those rows
   away. but in a way I think that worked to it's advantage. normally I'm
   tightly packed in the crowd and my main concern is 'it's a bit too slow.
   but now unable to react and jostle however I liked, I was left with just
   being in this vast room and with this song playing out ... the elegiac feel
   of this song reaching over all those rows and finding you ... affecting you.
   and in these surroundings it seemed even more sadder, forelorn (and
   grander) than ever.

   my favourite song (like Manchester) was LET ME KISS YOU ... (oh
   to have been as close as the person who filmed the below) but don't be
   worrying 'bout me. I was perfectly happy where I was. entranced and
   intertwined with this song. yes even doing some little hand movements
   (in a 'kept under control/british reserve kind of way though!!)

   STILL ILL gets the best reception of the gig - it is like the whole place
   just woke up. I see people getting onto the stage (one of whom is lil moz
   fan Kyle!!)

   overall feeling about the gig. prestigious venue. but the crowd wern't
   that wild. a combination of people venturing out to see 'ex Smiths man
   Morrissey (like the woman next to me who sat back down for quite a
   few songs) and people, like the cool fans I took pictures of (who would
   have livened the place up no end if there had been a standing area)
   scattered in seats all over the venue.

   overheard on the way out: someone saying they'd hoped for more than
   four 'Smiths song and someone else saying how short the gig was. well
   'Smiths songs normally average 4-6 and the gig didn't strike me as being
   particularly short.

   for me I really liked that it wasn't about how close you were to the stage.
   what the night showed me was it was just about the music reaching you.
   ... by the end of the gig I didn't even care that was I was all those rows
   back. I will never worry now if it's a seated gig and I can't get a seat near
   the front!

   I left the gig very happy. I'd seen my first Morrissey gig in New York.
   but now I was impatient for the terminal 5 gig ... I couldn't wait for
   friday to see it all again, but to be a part of it and not stuck in a seat.

   Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
   You Have Killed Me
   The Youngest Was The Most Loved
   You're The One For Me, Fatty
   I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
   Shoplifters Of The World Unite
   Everyday Is Like Sunday
   Ouija Board, Ouija Board
   Black Cloud
   Spring-Heeled Jim
   People Are The Same Everywhere
   Meat Is Murder
   To Give (The Reason I Live)
   Let Me Kiss You
   I Know It's Over
   One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
   I'm OK By Myself
   Still Ill

   end notes.
   again I ask where is ART HOUNDS???? (+ the kids' a looker??)
   not even 'Scandinavia was played (which I like but nothing like
   the above 2) after not hearing these 2 in manchester I was sure
   they'd be back in the set list. I am getting a bit worried ... these
   amazing new songs should be in the set list every night ... but I
   guess I would have hated hearing them and been stuck in a seat.
   they'll be perfect at terminal 5.

   thank you to all the american fans who spoke to me and were so
   friendly. you made an english fan very happy.

   cool new york morrissey fans 

Friday, 9 November 2012

the moment when it hit me.

okay so it wasn't my first moz gig in new york (that one was seated and
half-way back) so in a way this was like my first gig ... and when that
curtain dropped I couldn't put into words what I felt.

you see this dream of seeing morrissey in new york hadn't just happened
(like some spur of the moment thing) it was something that had been in
the making for over 1 year. It had came within my grasp, all-but-gone
and then suddenly came back. and I so wanted to tell everyone about it.
but I couldn't. cause I didn't want to jinx anything. you see I had always
wanted to see morrissey in new york in october. and then my wish came
true. but to back up a bit.

August 2011, on the tube on the way back from the Pulp brixton gig
I am talking to Paul about the morrissey usa tour dates that were to
be announced in the next few days. I tell him that october was always
a difficult month for me. why? he asked (kind of expecting something
dramatic) but it wasn't anything dramatic, it's just when october came
around my thoughts always turned to new york because that was the
time I was there last time, and I always wanted to be back there every

'do you think you'll go' Paul said - 'what do you think?' I replied
'yes' he said.

the tour dates were announced but there were no new york dates,
chicago was the closest (so I was sure that new york would be slotted
into the free days around it) but it wasn't. nor was it added at the end
of the tour in december which I was sure was going to happen.

weeks turned into months, dates were added - but still nothing in new
york. even though october had long gone, I was still planning to go
through the winter and spring. when these seasons passed and summer
dates looked inevitable I knew my dream was all but over. there's no
way I could go to new york in the summer. I wanted to see morrissey
but there's no way I could handle new york heat. I mean I can't handle
uk heat ... and anyway this romantic notion was always about seeing 
morrissey in the autumn time. battling extreme heat just wouldn't have
been the same.

then in June I looked and the usa dates were up. new york in october.
and (get this) it was just days apart from when I was there last time.
... it had taken 1 year and somehow by the hand of God/fate/destiny
karma/Morrissey ... what I had wanted had actually happened.

that's why when that curtain dropped and this song started up
I couldn't stop smiling. it was happening.
what I had wanted for over 1 year was actually happening.

not my video!! (I was more to the right) err how amazing is the start!!

Next: my first Morrissey gig in new york at the legendary RADIO
CITY MUSIC HALL. how did I survive being in a seat (and unlike the
3rd row seat at the Palladium wasn't able to just hop over those rows
and onto the front row) and was that really the lead singer of a band
I like who passed me by in the foyer??

Friday, 2 November 2012

love and thoughts for morrissey.

last week Morrissey cancelled 1 week of concerts in the usa
to return to the uk to be with his mother who was in hospital.
he has now cancelled the whole of the usa tour.

I think by now everyone knows what Morrissey means to me.
... it saddens me deeply to think of him going through this.
especially when I think of the immense joy and happiness
that he brought me just a few weeks ago.

my love and best wishes go out to Morrissey, his mother
Betty, and the rest of his family during this time.