Monday, 2 June 2014

why the pairing of Morrissey and Pamela Anderson is just perfect.

   this morning the latest in a line of spoken-word videos was 
   released by Morrissey to promote his latest single EARTH IS

   and what a moment it was when I realised it was PAMELA 
   ANDERSON in the video with him!!!!

   I have long admired Pamela and have often wondered if they
   knew each other. I remember reading that Morrissey had gone
   to a thanksgiving dinner Pamela had had, where the guest of 
   honour was the turkey!! ... but had no idea if it was actually 

   hence my joy when I realised it was her in the video with him.
   and this pairing of Morrissey and Pamela is just perfect ... but
   not just for the reason you might think.

   you see Pamela is a strange mix in this modern day and age. 
   sure there have been hyper-sexual stars before and after her 
   ... but none quite like her.

   you see, she exudes qualities of the golden age of Hollywood, 
   when women were sexual, and strong (but not arrogant, mean 
   and big-headed because they knew they HAD IT) ... polite and 

   if she had been born in the UK, in the north, probably 30 years 
   earlier, I have no doubt she would have graced the cover of a
   'Smiths record.

   that's why it is so perfect that Morrissey likes her ... 

   and of course the other reason why it's perfect, is because she 
   has the same beautiful spirit as Morrissey in using her voice 
   for the voice-less animals. it makes my heart swell knowing 
   that these 2 people are in the world MAKING A DIFFERENCE 
   ... and now knowing that they are friends.

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