Sunday, 1 June 2014

Morrissey releases another brand new song ISTANBUL and it's epic-ness is almost too much to take in for this poor moz-fan blogger.

   It's pretty funny. and very british-like. like waiting for a bus. 
   you're waiting, waiting ... and then 2 come along all at once!!
   that's how it is, as we are greeted by another new Morrissey 
   song, only a few weeks after the last one!! ... of course I'm not 
   complaining - but it's just funny how one minute you have
   nothing and then just as you are getting used to the fact of 
   having a new Morrissey song - another one is out and taking 
   over your world!!

   I'm still sticking to my rule of not listening to any of the new 
   songs via youtube footage. If I'm at a gig it's one thing, but I 
   hate hearing things on tinny youtube videos for the first time.

   and it's paying off. because the full impact after I've bought 
   these singles and heard them in their full glory is worth all 
   the previous sacrificing.

   so I've finally heard my 2nd track off the new album.
   there is so much I love about it, it's hard to know where
   to begin. listening to this song, I just feel consumed by it,
   but in a VERY GOOD WAY - i.e. it's so long since a song
   has made me feel this way, you almost forget how music
   can (and should) affect you.

   so here in 10 points (yes I am still liking this 10 point thing)
   is why this new moz song is a wondrous affair.

   1. the start, it is some kind of a war-speech or some spoken
       word jazziness??? no time to ponder, the song is off ... 

   2. very different to WORLD PEACE. this takes it up to
       the next level. I love the brutish swagger it has and how 
       that seemlessly melds with an eastern blissed out vibe.

   3. it is both sinister and uplifting AT THE SAME TIME.  
       all cinematic and wide-screen ... thrilling and desperate.
       desolate and euphoric. all these things HIT YOU ALL
       AT ONCE ... oh mozzer.

   4. this means that the affect it has on you, is the following:
       a/ wanting to just get lost in the ethereal-ness of it all.
       b/ wanting to punch the air out of sheer jubilation and 
       shout those words out. it's going to be quite a quandry 
       I am in when I hear it live. what to do ...

   5.  Mozzer's words, his voice, his tone ... when they suddenly
        come into the song, amidst all that music (and how it has
        left you feeling) means it just gets you RIGHT THERE!!!
        oh mozzer indeed.

    6. the bit at 1.39-1.45 makes my heart melt. every time.

    7.  in this rather lovely new moz tradition, we get another 
         spoken word video ... is it just me who thinks Morrissey
         would make a rather fine actor!!?? ... actually scrub that,
         we don't want to lose him to the acting world and all those 
         luvvies!!! (oh Steven, oh Steven!!)

     8. the ending makes me think of Suede + DOG MAN STAR 
         (all Asphalt World/We Are The Pigs ending) which floors 
         me *nearly* as much as everything I've previously heard. 

     9. two songs in, I have no idea how I'm going to feel by the 
          time I have actually heard all of the album.

     10. In a Parallel world, I would have loved somebody like 
           Oasis or The Stone Roses to have released this and to 
           have witnessed all the praise and adulation heaped upon 
           it ... and then switch back to the ACTUAL WORLD where 
           it was basically ignored ... whilst just thinking to myself 
           EXACTLY EXACTLY. 

     Istanbul and previous single World Peace Is None Of Your 
     Business are available to buy now on itunes.

     the album World Peace Is None Of Your Business is released
     on 14 July


  1. This is a good one! You've covered some pretty good points in your post. Thanks for sharing and have a good week.

  2. Great stuff Edge, old son.

  3. nice review.