Thursday, 4 April 2013

What Are You Wearing ... Who Are You Listening To? ... NEW YORK ... #4

   Rita, 17
   (taken on St Marks Place  ... just down the road from the old CBGB's!!
   one of my favourite parts of New York. It was late Thursday afternoon,
   the whole day was very sunny, wandering around lots of leafy streets.
   it had a nice hazy feeling to it, like the kind you get when are thinking
   back to something nice. a great day)

   t shirt a t shirt that I bought a few years back in 2010 ... and I decided to
   cut it up. I've been wearing my t shirts cut up a lot now. I don't know why
   ... I like to change.
   trousers:  pleather leggings from eBay  
   boots:  boots ... that are old!!
   bracelets:  some of my bracelets are hand-made, like these silver ones
   which are made out of my bass strings. I don't like to waste ... it symbolises

   me being a musician
   style inspiration: definitely 70's/80's + european ... like a lot of the stuff
   that's going on in Sweden that they call Sleaze is definitely an influence
   for me. I usually have my hair all straight and teased up ... I'm lazy today
   ... today's a lazy day for me! - but that's what's really inspiring me

   last song you listened to:  Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies 
   last album you bought:  Bad Decisions - The Last Vegas (Here is a song
   from it)
   last gig you saw:  Crashdiet at Webster hall ... they're a Swedish sleaze
   band, playing with The Last Vegas, Wild street (a local New York band)
   ... great band, they played with Nasty Hobbit, another New York band
   and Wicked, another New York band.

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  1. GAH, she looks really cool! I love that she makes her own bracelets out of old bass strings, too.