Sunday, 7 April 2013

ALL HAIL. a new Morrissey song is OUT TODAY!!!

and it's only my 2nd favourite of all his new songs!!
you have no idea how happy I am.

first of all don't be standing next to me when this is being played
cause I'll shake+hug the life out of you!! ... I mean HOW JOYOUS
IS THAT START!!?? oh mozzer what are you doing to us.

I can't even imagine how I would have reacted/felt if this would
have been played in New York. for real.

sadly it's just a B-side to a re-release of 'The Last of the famous
international playboys' - so I guess it won't be a future single
release off his next album. which is a shame because ever
since I heard it live at the London Palladium 2011 gig I hoped
it would be a future single (it certainly is worthy of it)

never mind. at least now I can hear it in super-great quality!!

funny thing was at the time I didn't like all those LA LA LA's in
the chorus and even left a comment on the MorrisseysWorld blog
saying it needed actual words to match the music's greatness.
... except now I've changed my opinion! I love how the notes
are stretched out, really emphasised - and sound almost blase.

and yes that is Morrissey with Rick Astley on the cover!!

I love this picture because:

a/it looks like a photo taken at school
b/I can imagine Morrissey was having a conversation
   with Rick right before it was taken (+ you know some people
   wouldn't expect Morrissey to speak to Rick Astley)

I really like the colour version of it (that I used in this Moz
INSPIRATION post)  ... + how great does Morrissey look all

if you don't already know the A-Side check it out here - it's
a mighty fine song.

but back to KID'S A LOOKER ... how great is this song?!!
let me know what you think to it

support Moz - buy it today!!:)


  1. I think I heard you scream it all the way down here. Enjoy my friend.

    1. haha. well if I *ever* hear that song live again
      you will definitely be able to hear me singing