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Morrissey - Terminal 5, New York - 13/10/12

   the difference between the 2 days could not have been huger. whereas
   friday had been full of
anxiousness and just worry. the result of having
   that gig stamped 'Perfect and now an untouchable memory in my mind
   (how I like my gigs to be!) meant that saturday was a very different day.

   my mindset was basically it didn't matter how saturdays gig was, friday
   had been perfect, and there was no way saturday could top it, so there
   was no pressure, I could just relax and enjoy the gig with no pressure
   (so like a regular person then!)

   I swear the temperature had dropped about 10 degrees from the night
   before (people arrived at the gig all wrapped up) but there was no way
   I was wearing jeans. so I still wore my shorts, but had loads of layers on
   the top. Kill uncle shirt, 2 long sleeved shirts (and the t shirt I bought at
   the gig on the way back) the weather was crazy, the next night going to
   YOUTH OF TODAY I only had to wear a t shirt.
   I really liked the familiarity of going back to the same venue for a 2nd
   night. I had walked to the venue so many times now, that it was like
   second nature. even though it's 16 blocks away, I am still walking there.
   there's no way I was going to attempt to catch the subway at 7pm at night.
   and anyway I liked walking there. once you got past around 42nd street
   and times square and there was room on the pavements it was actually
   really nice. just walking and looking. I go by a vegan restaurant and see
   a group of people in there, one guy has a real cool denim jacket on with
   a backpatch, if I'd have seen him in the day I would have been stopping 
   him for sure to take his picture.

   I get to the gig and a bit later who do I see inside ... yep him!
   here he is.

   2nd date ... 2nd base!!! - this is how Kristeen started her set!

  what I noticed when I went inside was that the crowd was filling up
  near the stage a lot earlier than the night before. my position was not
  as good as the night before, more to the right. well that's it then, there's
  no way it will be topping the night before I thought to myself. little
  did I know then it would end up being even better.

   I had thought the gig might be more reserved than the night before
   (because more often than not it's always more casual fans that get tickets
   to the 2nd night) but just from the reaction to Kristeen (lots of nodding
   heads: people were really into it) I knew this wasn't going to be the case
   and the huge deafening roar as the curtain dropped proved it.

   'I believe it was Franklin Roosevelt who said...'

   Oh Morrissey. your start of this song is even better than the night
   before ... tell me this didn't floor you. go on tell me.
   the above video EXPLAINS IT ALL ... the mood ... the atmosphere.
   just being there IN THAT MOMENT ... the arm in the air at .29 is me!!
   (on the right hand side: at .29-.32 I am the only one punching the air)

   (look how other arms join in at .44 onwards!) I know, how perfect is
   it. I love how this reaction from the crowd instantly set a precident 
   for the mood for the rest of the gig. I mean it was even more intense
   than the night before. once again I'm just marvelling that I'm in New
   York watching Morrissey - and getting this feeling in the first song.
   I think I'm even happier than the night before.

   there is a really cool girl next to me who is really into it. I like it when
   people next to me ARE INTO IT and punch the air. I tell her that she
   is the perfect person to be next to at a gig. I have to shout because you
   know Morrissey is on. I tell her that I came from the UK to see these
   gigs, she says THAT'S AWESOME - I tell her 'you're awesome' - that's
   the kind of things I say to people.

   what I liked during THE YOUNGEST WAS THE MOST LOVED was just
   suddenly hearing my own voice singing along over the top. it just struck
   me in that moment of the importance of this song, of music (to me)

   my favourite lyrics from it (this song is on on RINGLEADER OF THE
   TORMENTORS album)

   a blush it rose if he had to say ‘hello’
   a lopsided grin strained to keep the shyness in

   there is no such thing in life as normal

   there is a huge surge forward for EVERYDAY IS LIKE SUNDAY. I was
   quite taken aback by it ... everything became even more intense after
   that. the crowds reaction on the above says it all. the night before did
   not surge forward or react in any way as strongly as this. 

   it did make the song very special. it was nice to get this glimpse of how
   loved this song was here (which I already knew about, not least from the
   Dallas 1991 video) and to get caught up in it all.

   best I KNOW IT'S OVER that I have *ever* seen ... the end was sublime
   and seemed even longer than usual and it just seemed to get more epic
   and surreal as the song progressed ... especially when you realised that
   just as you thought it was going to end ... it actually just built on that
   previous moment. definitely the fans favourite along with 'Everyday is
   like Sunday.

   obviously footage of LET ME KISS YOU. without a doubt song of all
   the New York gigs. which is quite something when you consider all the
   other songs, but then not really when you consider THIS song. getting
   caught up in this song. that person clapping at 1.06 ... GETS IT TOO
   (whoever they are) that's why it's about this song. making you feel this
   way ... that's why it will always be about this song.

   too much dude. too much ... doesn't it get you right there.

   Morrissey says something during the break in SPEEDWAY and it makes
   it just perfect. coming out of nowhere, catching you off-guard, filling you
   with that feeling, made the song even more intense and powerful when
   it came roaring back.

   to see it in context of the whole song, watch the below. you must watch
   it to get the FULL IMPACT. you'll thank me.

   like I said too much dude.

   'people think they can buy me with gifts, of rare Lp's and books ... and
   they can!!' (somebody was holding out a record for him)

   the MEAT IS MURDER footage. apparently some people walked out
   of the manchester gig due to it. have they never listened to the lyrics.
   I mean it's not like if Justin Bieber just sprang it on his fans one night
   out of the blue/out of character. surely they must have had some inkling
   what Morrissey's beliefs were.
   after this song ended Morrissey said 'and you thought you had tickets
   for Mama Mia' (!!!)

   still no ART HOUNDS/THE KIDS A LOOKER (though 'other newie
   SCANDINAVIA is played) not sure what to think about this. just
   hoping they'll be back in the set list soon.

   listen out for the repeated I LOVE YOU at the start from Morrissey!!

   STILL ILL sends the place wild. even more wild than the night before.
   people were dancing, punching the air. the song has a real rockabilly
   feel to it, so it was kinda fitting that it was like a 50s dance in a mosh
   pit!! jiving, punching the air - yep doing it all!! ... and lil Moz fan KYLE
   got up onstage
 and danced with Morrissey!!! and Morrissey held him!!
   security definitely allowed him more time on the
stage than any of the
   adults!! was
real cute to see. you go Kyle. it took the intensity in the
   crowd to a whole other level. euphoria, unity, mayhem - and then the
   song ended. even more than the night before, to feel all this and then
   have nothing follow it was pretty hard. but I was only sad for about
   a minute. 

   I mean how can I be sad for long when I think about everything that
   had happened during this gig.

video on youtube shot RIGHT BEHIND ME(!!!) of this song, where
could clearly see me (amidst the chaos) getting into it(!!!) HAS
I can't find it gutted. so mad because
   downloaded the 'Shoplifters video so I'd have it just in case - but I
   never got around to doing the STILL ILL one ... if it ever goes back
   up, I'll do a whole post on it!

   Kyle in the audience with his dad.

   does anyone know what film this is? I'm thinking she's Gina lollobrigida
   what did you do last night? oh just danced with the moz.  
   though sounding very similiar the moz is not the same as the miz
   ... just so you know, for the future, to avoid any confusion.

   Shoplifters Of The World Unite
   You're The One For Me, Fatty
   The Youngest Was The Most Loved
   I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
   One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
   Ouija Board, Ouija Board
   Black Cloud
   Everyday Is Like Sunday
   To Give (The Reason I Live)
   You Have Killed Me
   Spring-Heeled Jim
   I Know It's Over
   Let Me Kiss You
   Meat Is Murder
   I Will See You In Far Off Places

    - - - -
   Still Ill 

   and that was it, all over. walking the last time up west 56th street. past
   the fortune tellers window (basically like the front room of someones
   house that everyone could see walking by - I had seen a leftover plate
   from some food on the way to the gig) a woman with her husband was
   looking and the fortune teller asked if she wanted to have her fortune
   read? she said no, she was just looking at the window (the crystal ball
   was on display on a little table and everything!) ... I'll miss things like
   that ... things like that don't happen in London.

   now when I look at Brooklynvegan and see bands are playing Terminal
   5 I do a silly little half-smile. it's like I can picture myself going along to
   the gig ... I may be in the uk but in many ways my heart will always be
   there. I'll always be there going to see some gig. having some adventure
   in New York.

   New York Morrissey Fans
   the moment when it hit me.
   Morrissey - Radio City Music Hall, New York - 10/10/12
   Morrissey - Terminal 5, New York - 12/10/12 

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  1. Super post and photos as always. I really love that last photo. You can feel the excitement. I hope you have a marvelous week my friend.