Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Morrissey - Terminal 5, New York - 12/10/12


   boy was I set to hate terminal 5.

   why? my first morning in new york, a horrid grey day in drizzly rain was
   spent trying to find this venue (basically a black building with no name)
   hence walking by it countless times. a policeman sending me in the wrong
   direction (*wrongly* telling me the street numbers went higher the more
   you went up - geez) phone calls to my sister in the uk to try and help me
   out. basically going round in circles. hours later I found it - and was told
   you couldn't collect the ticket from there. but I could from the 'Mercury
   lounge (in the lower east side) because they are the same company (or
   something) so I went there the next day, and was told you can't collect it
   from there. I was told I could collect it the day before from the venue, so
   I walked the 16 blocks to terminal 5 again on thursday - and was told by
   a horribly rude girl (why do people working the doors always have to be
   so rude) that you had to get it in on the night. of course I envisioned it
   wouldn't be there. so I wasn't happy. I just wanted to have the ticket in
   advance before the gig (no problem collecting the Radio city music hall
   ticket in advance) so like I said, boy was I set to hate terminal 5.

   that was until I went inside.


   as you can see awkward as ever + who the hell I am looking at? dunno.
   forget about my awkwardness tho - just look at the KILL UNCLE SHIRT
   yes a K.I.L.L. U.N.C.L.E shirt (I snagged 2 - original 1991 - unworn, yes
   *UNWORN*ones on ebay last year) ... yup it's the best. my fave t shirt.


   cool Peta people inside the venue. they were very friendly. I wish I'd have
   spoken to them longer. how impressive is his chest??!! - veg power!!!

 the merch. some new t's since Manchester - I bought the black one top right
 2nd in. yes that's a cat on morrissey's head. why? ... why not. I very nearly
 bought it, but then didn't. the writing at the bottom says MY LIFE WITH
 FANNY THE WONDERCAT ... I know - why the hell didn't I buy it ... and
 it says USA FALL TOUR on the back ... damn - also deepely regretting not
 buying the green ENGLAND IS MINE (Still Ill lyric) one.

   so finally I am seeing a full Kristeen set. I only caught the last few
   songs in Manchester and saw nothing at 'Radio city music hall as I
   was taking photos of fans up until the last minute. I liked her as soon
   as the first song got underway. so much so that I got my phone out
   and filmed it (and I never ever film anything at gigs ... I only *ever*
   take photos) but I had to capture WHAT was impressing me so much.

   the quality isn't too great. but when I watch them I'm right back there
   at the gig, so they're pretty valuable to me. how epic is the second song
   (fantastic failure) I swear I became a full-blown fan of Kristeen in the
   midst of this song. I really liked the 3rd song but then nothing after that
   impacted me as much. but I didn't mind that, I love it when something
   impacts you strongly instantly ... it doesn't matter what happens after
   that, you already know everything you need to know.

  again I say *how amazing* is the below ....

   what I notice is that unlike the uk, no-one moves when the support act
   finishes, so neither do I. there's no way I am going to lose my position.
   so I stay right. there.

  again I'm thanking Moz for the film that plays before he comes on ... it's
  nice to have something to occupy your mind, and not just stand there
  becoming an ever-increasing bundle of nerves at the prospect of what is
  to come. and there is something reassuring about watching something
  that you have been watching for a year, recognising all the clips as they 
  begin. below: this woman from one of the clips is so cool.

   in the crowd I see the australian woman I had spoken to on my way
   down the street to the venue (asking if she was going to the gig and
   telling her my fear of the ticket not being there) she reasurred me that
   it'd be there. I asked if she had came from Australia for the gig, but she
   said she was living in new york ... it was nice speaking to her because it
   passed a bit of time and meant I arrived at the venue in a more positive
   frame of mind and not had my thoughts of ticket-doom spiralling out
   of control.

   she was like 'you got in!!' ... yeah I said! it was a nice moment seeing her
   in there ... in the pre-gig atmosphere and my jubilant frame of mind ...
   realising all my worry had amounted to nothing. I was in there and the
   gig was about to start.

   I love the venue. the shape of it (basically an oblong shape) just the
   whole metal cage-like construction of it. the width of the stage looks so
   small (like half the size of Brixton academy) and the whole place does
   not look very old at all. (update: it opened as Terminal 5 in 2003 and
   was renovated in 2007) ... and as I soon found out it had really great
   sound, so clear and defined ... the venue I was all set to hate couldn't
   have been more perfect.

   cool hardcore dudes.

   if there was one thing I was hoping to see at the gigs, it was some hardcore
   guys. I already knew of the love that hardcore groups have for Morrissey
   so I really hoped to see some people there at the gigs. then I saw the above
   guys on my way in when I was taking photos of fans. I knew they were into
   hardcore before I even saw the X on the hand on the guy on the left ... I
   just knew (I've been to a lot of hardcore gigs) and get this, they ended up
   standing right near to me, along with 2 other guys (one of whom I saw in
   the crowd 2 days later at the YOUTH OF TODAY gig at Irving Plaza)
   I wore a Moz shirt. no-one spoke to me.

   when the curtain dropped and Morrissey and the band stood before me
   I was just smiling. I know that 'Radio city had been my first Moz gig in new
   york. but I was in a seat half-way back. this was the one ... the one I had
   been looking forward to ... I just wanted it to happen ... be perfect ... yep
   the old usual routine I go through. and here it was starting in front of me.
   great position, great people around me ... I was in NEW YORK watching
   Morrissey. what I had always wanted. in that precise moment my smile
   couldn't have been any broader. if it was a movie it would be at the very
   end, a heart-swelling climax with uplifting music, a jubilant hit of 'Rocky
   type euphoria. in that moment I couldn't have been any happier.
   the first song started. it's not 'Last night I dreamt that somebody loved
   me' like at 'Radio city ... it's only bleedin' SHOPLIFTERS OF THE WORLD


   what I really liked is that (with those shuddering beats) it INSTANTLY
   established this feeling amongst the crowd, almost of swagger and attitude.
   ... but not in any egotistical way, I just loved how it set a real defiant tone
   to the start of the gig ... the opening song of a gig almost dictates what is
   going to happen within the mindsets of everyone. like if you were writing
   the script for a movie and establishing a mood - and this choice was just
   perfect. hats off to the Moz - like I said it floored me. seriously you could
   have knocked me down.

   what I realised instantly. this is not like at Brixton academy when as soon
   as the first song starts the whole crowd just surges forward. sure people
   react (arms are up and everything down the front) but overall it's a very
   different atmosphere and feeling. it's like they are happy doing their own
   thing, not having to over-exaggerate (or prove) anything. an example of
   the much cited new york cool? I don't know, but I really like it.

   just like when I was at CBGB's the last time I was in new york. I spent
   a lot time thinking 'I'm in new york watching Morrissey' just marvelling
   at that fact. I had a great view, the people around me were cool, couldn't
   have asked for anything more. the set list is very similiar to Radio City.
   'I know it's over'  is out but MALADJUSTED is in ... so is FANTASTIC
   BIRD (a previously unreleased track) ... not gonna lie. every time a song
   started up I hoped for ART HOUNDS. that was the one I really wanted
   to hear. then THE KIDS A LOOKER. it's like when you are at a gig and
   everything is just so right and you know a certain song would just fit the
   mood perfectly. but they wern't played. I just know if ART HOUNDS had
   been played it woud have been something stupendous. I was already in
   a good frame of mind. that woud have pushed me just that bit further.
   english reserve would have been long gone for sure:) sure I was a bit sad
   they wern't played, but I still couldn't have been happier at the gig.
   what I really liked is that it wasn't about 1 song at this gig. it was about
   the whole gig and the whole feeling throughout the gig. quite often you
   only get a few songs at a gig where you feel a certain way. I had it for
   the whole gig. feeling that way and being around people all reacting to
   the songs in their own little ways, without invading the space of people
   around them was a very special thing. I had always wondered what it
   would be like to see a New York Morrisey gig. that's why I spent a lot
   of the gig, just looking around, looking at everything, taking it and that
   feeling in.

   will I ever stop posting footage of LET ME KISS YOU from gigs I was at?
   highly doubtful. honestly, without going all wussy, even watching a few
   seconds makes me go a bit misty eyed. because I remember being there,
   just getting more and more into the song and reacting to it ... and all whilst
   having such great people near me throughout it. it was very very special.
   and it's almost too much watching it back now.


   the place goes crazy for STILL ILL. people surge forward ... there is
   movement everywhere. it was such a release, coming from nowhere

   and after how it had been up until then. and then it ended and the gig
   was over. it was strange, having this high of jubilation and then it all
   being over.

   a sign to the morrisseyworlders. obviously no-one else noticed it/paid
   any attention. and of course no-one caught it on film  ... but I did. once
   again it's MORE COLD-HARD proof ... yet it will still make *no difference*
   people still won't believe.


   again thanks to all the moz fans that spoke to me and let me take
   their photo. once again, you made an english fan very happy. talking
   of the NY fans, hardcore guy on the left from the above pic, was singing
   along to *all* the words throughout the gig. it was a real nice thing
   everytime I looked and saw it!

   Shoplifters Of The World Unite
   You're The One For Me, Fatty
   The Youngest Was The Most Loved
   One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
   Black Cloud
   Ouija Board, Ouija Board
   Spring-Heeled Jim
   You Have Killed Me
   Fantastic Bird
   People Are The Same Everywhere
   I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
   Everyday Is Like Sunday
   To Give (The Reason I Live)
   Let Me Kiss You
   Meat Is Murder
   I Will See You In Far Off Places

   - - - -
   Still Ill

  New York Morrissey fans
  the moment when it hit me.
  Morrissey - Radio City Music Hall, New York - 10/10/12


  1. You can really feel your excitement and enjoyment of the concert in your writing. Thanks for sharing, I can't wait for my New York experience.


  2. Ah so exciting!!!! haha Veg Power!!

  3. George, I just love reading your posts about the gigs you attend. The photos are wonderful as always. On my way to class now and nervous as all hell. I hate talking in front of a crowd. Oh well what are you going to do. Have a great evening and Friday! Oh and I would have bought the Fanny the cat t-shirt!

  4. Your posts always make me jealous! I'm glad you get to experience so much!

  5. That woman in his video is Edith Sitwell, just so you know