Tuesday, 12 June 2012

What Are You Wearing ... Who Are You Listening To?

I've always loved street syle photos ... but I always wanted to
know more than just what clothes they were wearing. I wanted
to know about the music in their life. the last song they listened
to, the last album they bought and last gig they saw. music tells
you as much about a person as the clothes they are wearing ...
but this part is always kept hidden - and that's how this feature
came about.

if it's green it's a clickable link ... get background information on
the last album they bought (+ here a song from it) ... see footage
of the last gig they saw ... and hear the last song they listened to.

please let me know your favourites.

thanks to Amy, Victoria, Rupert, Chloe, Rachel, Leah and
Leonora for letting me take their photos.

Amy, 31

dress - aquascutum from a charity shop

shoes - brothel creepers from London Underground 
belt - charity shop

jacket - top shop
glasses - Arckiv in Camden, London

style inspiration:   a mixture of 1950's ... a little bit of goth I suppose
in a way, a little bit of punk -  not real individuals as such, more like 
eras and periods

last song you listened to:  L7 - Shitlist ... last night ... that was the era
when  I first got into music ... the early 90's
last album you bought:  the last one I bought was probably a blues
compilation off Amazon with Howlin' Wolf + Muddy Waters
last gig you saw:  it's been so long, the last gig I went to ... was
probably ... Drugstore Cowboys at a little bar in London

Victoria, 18

top - charity shop
belt - clare's accesories  

skirt - eBay
underskirt  - from my friends hand-made clothes shop Styx in Preston
boots  - new rocks from eBay
socks - primark

style inspiration:   well my godfathers wife is a goth so she's been my
inspiration since I was 4

last song you listened to: 
Busted - Falling For You
last album you bought:  The Cramps - Songs The Lord Taught Us
(here is that full album!)

last gig you saw:  Guns N Roses in Manchester

Rupert, 49

shoes - charity shop
trousers - Colmans tailor shop, London Road, Leicester
tank top - knitted by dancing partners mum
jacket - charity shop
coat - charity shop ... donegal tweed overcoat from the 1940's
umbrella - charity shop £3
tie - Vintage Years, Leicester
cap - off the internet
shirt - marks and spencer
glasses - raybans

style inspiration:  Ian Carmichael is my sort of hero, he did a series
in the 1970's called Lord Peter Wimsy  ... wherever he got his suits
made, I wish I could find that place because they fit him to a t ... he
would be my style icon ...

last song you listened to:  Fletcher Henderson - Cotton Picker's Ball
last album you bought:   Rolling Stones - Greatest hits 
last gig you saw:   I went to a 40s weekender - Hep Cats' Holiday Weekender
... and there were 10 bands on there

Chloe, 21

top - primark
cardigan - primark
shorts - primark
shoes - new look
ring - h+m
glasses - colemans opticians

style inspiration:  I don't think anyone in particular ... if I like
something then  I wear it ... I dress for me really

last song you listened to: Sleeeping With Sirens - The Bomb Dot Com V2

last album you bought: Young Guns - Bones ... (here is a song from that
last gig you saw: Emarosa/Deaf Havana at Manchester Roadhouse

Rachel, 19

boots - doc martens ... that are incredibly derelict looking!
leggings - eBay
top - new look
earrings - tattoo convention in Portsmouth
necklaces - gifts

style inspiration:  mainly whatever I like, whatever catches my eye

last song you listened to: 
Nine Inch Nails - The Perfect Drug
last album you bought:  Juliette And The Licks ... can't remember the name
of the album

last gig you saw:  Mindless Self Indulgence at Rock City, Nottingham

Leah, 20

dress - ecstasy
top - insanity ... I made it myself, it was a pair of trousers ... I cut them up
boots - schuh
skirt - can't remember
hat - Very Bazaar, Leicester

style inspiration:  I don't really have any, I use (outer) Space ... I stick to

Space and rock music

last song you listened to:  Ceruleus - Castaway
last album you bought:  Machine Head's discography

last gig you saw:  Download Festival 2011 (best band?) ... System Of A Down

Leonora, 21

dress - h+m
shoes - not sure
earrings - probably top shop
necklace - top shop
glasses - probably primark

style inspiration:  I don't really think I have one ... I basically just wear
what I think looks good ... obviously I take inspiration ... mostly I dress
kind of quite masculine and I do wear suits and stuff - but obviously I'm
wearing a dress today - so I would say probably just people who are quite
adrogynous are quite inspirational

last song you listened to:
The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die 
- Gordon Paul
last album you bought:  I'm currently waiting for it to arrive, it's the
new Right Away, Great Captain! album, which is the final in the trilogy
(here is a song from the album)

last gig you saw:  Graham Coxon in Oxford


  1. interesting styles! i like the uniqueness in these :)
    i got something for you in my latest post ;)

  2. such a cool feature!! they're all awesome, so different. rupert and chloe are my favorites, love leonora's style too!

  3. Amazing street pictures.!

  4. YES! I just put pink through my hair and this girl is making me feel so much more confident about it. She's rocking it!

    Nice blog too by the way - I just discovered it. Amazing people.


  5. I love your portraits of people - they are beautiful and varied.

    x Peter @ http://low--couture.blogspot.com

  6. Excellent post George. Rachel looks like a fun person. Have an excellent week my friend.

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    Herdiana Surachman

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  9. I like your work!
    Great photos & styles!

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  12. It's such a great idea to combine streetstyle with something else, all those streetstyle only blogs out there get a bit tired after a while...

  13. Great variety of styles here! I love these blogs of yours. It's always fascinating to see how other people dress and see them get recognized for their personal style and taste.

    I love the blend of styles/periods that Amy has combined. Love the pin up girl hair and with those glasses, she looks amazing!

    I love Rachel's hair. She looks very well put together for throwing a lot of things together. Even her hair, make up, and skin fit the outfit too.

    I LOVE when older men dress like Rupert. Here in Utah, you rarely see that, but when I do, I always walk up to them and tell them they look very nice. Maybe I love that style so much because I'm a sucker for older films. ;)

    And Leah. Wow. Her outfit is busy, but somehow she managed to combine everything and the colors that it your eyes moving instead of your eyes being stuck on one article of clothing. It's wonderfully eccentric and engaging. Beautiful eye makeup too! :)

    Gosh. They ALL look fabulous!

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