Monday, 28 May 2012



 'WAY WAY BEFORE the raveonettes, best coast, of the originals of this sound,
 blending sixties girl group phil spector 
 melodies with 80's alternative feedback 
 noise...... the jesus and mary chain were
 the first, then the primitives........' 

 'The yin of girly pop vocals meets the
 yang of heavy, distorted guitar' 

 'The Primitives sounded like The Shirelles
 attacking the Jesus and Mary Chain in the 
 Ramones bathroom' 

 'They nailed THAT sound two years before
 My Bloody Valentine'


and yes that is a certain Mr Steven M wearing a Primitives shirt!!!


this is my favourite song ... debut single THRU THE FLOWERS
before you press play be prepared to fall in love ... hard

damn - how the hell is a 34 second video clip affecting me so
much ... err cause it's cute as hell ... love Tracey's outfit ... and

the random tumbling of confetti ... how perfect it this song??!

here's an early live version - I love how Tracey had  a more punky,
grunge look going on - seriously how perfect is this band??!!

 'mary chain vocals, wedding present 
 guitars...fucking great'

 - youtube comment

Tracey talking about Morrissey


'Buy this for tracks 13-26 on CD2. Live at the ICA 1987. I was there.
So was Morrissey. It changed my life ....'

- Mr. G. D. Norfolk "Spacehead" (Surrey)


the gig was great, I really liked that there was a sense and
feeling in the crowd of people having came out to see and

pay respect to this legendary group. the front row was taken
up by guys in Primitives shirts (there from before the support
) staking out their place!! the crowd was a mix of original
fans and newer fans including this young guy who was really
into it jostling near the front. It was really heartening to see.

favourite song was THRU THE FLOWERS (obviously haha!)
then WAY BEHIND ME and CRASH. I really like the venue,
I think it could fill the void that was left by THE CHARLOTTE
closing down and also it's in a building that bands come and
rehearse in, so there's always band members milling around
which I kinda like the idea of ... I loved taking photos, every
so often Tracey would do a pose mid song and at that precise
second I thought 'this is what it must have been like all those
years ago' ... I was getting this little glimpse ... especially as
looking through the viewfinder everything seems even more
intsense. I was really grateful that I got to see them live ...
and am now even more of a fan-boy! ... I have just ordered
the cd pictured above. I need to hear that legendary 1987
gig ... the guy who was there said it changed his life. wow.

random side note: because I'd never been to the venue before,
I checked out it's location prior to the gig. I knew it was by the
canal and it is, RIGHT TO THE SIDE of it! ... so on the way back
I walked along the canal and it was nice and beautiful and really
peaceful, rushing water and twists and turns - and all this just
minutes away from the city centre. It was just really nice to
find it ... and it's not like that I'll be going there every week or
something, but it's just nice to know in the back of your mind
that it's there ... that it exists.

let me know what you think to The Primitives
... photos coming soon!


  1. I like "Thur the Flowers." and your new profile pic. Have a great weekend George.

  2. love! you know i have a thing for collars and bows, she's too adorable in that first clip! such a great sound..really love thru the flowers,crash,and lazy-i was surprised by the vocals on that one, always a good thing! i bet this show was awesome, sounds like a sweet venue!