Monday, 27 February 2012

where I'm going to be tomorrow night!

'Spotlight Kid's music features mixtures of Shoegaze, Krautrock
and 90s Psychedelia. Fuzzy guitars wrapped in layers of reverb
and boy/girl vocals subtly building on the layered walls of
distortion. Influences from the likes of The Cure, Swervedriver
and My Bloody Valentine have allowed Spotlight Kid to produce
a heady mix that runs through the entire gamut of emotions'

haha you could say I was sold on the above description alone :)
... if you know me you'll know this is exactly my kind of thing(!!)
and then I played the above video and was just floored ...

I then investigated who the support act was and saw the below
I mean ... for real ... (repeating the 'if you know me bit)

download their 6-track demo (including above song ALIBI) 
for free from their site 
... and give 
them a 'Like on Facebook :)  click here 
should be a great gig.


just got back from the gig.
RAPTUSOUND were great. ALIBI is definitely my
favourite (played last) ... funny thing was I had forgot

all about it ... and then it started + it all just hit me
and at that precise moment all that went through
my head was OH MY GOD ... when music hits you
like that ... it's just perfect.

SPOTLIGHT KID ... *nothing* could have prepared me
for what was coming. they astounded me. I mean I loved
them already - but the above Glastonbury video DOES
NOT DO THEM JUSTICE ... sure the music affects you,
but lighting wise it's pretty bright, it's like seeing them in
broad daylight ... in the atmosphere of a darkened gig the
music works on a whole new level, as you view the stage
through flashing colour lights, alternating with powerful
flashes of white light ... all of these factors hitting you all
at once ... like I said astounded.

a perfect mix of all of my favourite bands ... like a sublime
combination of industrial and shoegaze ... I am definitely
now some gushing fan-boy over this band!! gently nudges
his my bloody valentine+jesus and mary chain shirts to
the side, to make way for his S.K shirt ...


  1. Excellent choice of music, sir :)!
    And their site is also quite awesome :D!

  2. Perfect choice ! I really love it.
    Great music.

  3. Good choice!! :)


  4. Great song! =)