Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Lana Del Rey - Amoeba Music, Hollywood - 7 February 2012

 Lana performed a short set at Amoeba music in Hollywood last night
 (lucky Americans!!) and also did a record signing afterwards
 these were the songs she played:

 Born To Die
 Blue Jeans
 Summertime Sadness (acapella snippet)

 Million Dollar Man
 Video Games
 Without You

 'Queuing for the evening performance was officially supposed to begin
 at 4pm, but fans at the front of the line arrived at 6am in the morning
 and hundreds of people were already waiting on a side street by Amoeba's
 Sunset Boulevard address at 3.15pm. Lana Del Rey thanked her fans for
 their support a number of times during the short set, saying: "It hasn't
 been very easy this, but you make it so nice. I'm so glad to be here"

 Before her final song, she made further reference to the criticism she
 has faced over the past few months, adding ... "I do just want to say,
 thank you for everything ... and you know what I mean"

 below - meeting fans ... cute-ness scale 10/10 ... yes it made me a
 bit teary (I know - I'm a wuss!) ... but I love things like this ... it was
 real cute to see

 love how the fan goes 'can you say hello to my sister on the phone'
 (0.50) the minder says NO ... but Lana goes and does it!!

 below - BORN TO DIE live ... wow

 below - a different recording of BORN TO DIE - listen for the dude who
 shouts out MARRY ME!!!

 below - signing records ... cute-ness scale ... OFF THE HOOK!!!!!!
 + THE SMITHS (the smiths!!!) playing in the background!!! ...  it's
 just all too much for me to deal with!!!


  1. Aaaw she is so lovely! I really love her -I will fight you for her :P


  2. <3 Lana!

    I'm waiting for you on mt blog!



  3. Haha ok maybe I'm not really IN LOVE but I think she is nice and has beautiful voice.