Monday, 12 December 2011

all the troubles and fears you've for years tried to forget

I've re-discovered my love of HIM ... and it perfectly suits the
recent grey skies that have arrived ... I know that if it was still
sunny, there's no way these songs would be impacting me as

I've not played any HIM for years (seriously YEARS!!) ... but the
past few days I've only listened to the below 2 songs!! - but that's
kinda how I am(!) ... I obsessively get back into a band, plan to go
see them when they next tour ... and then drift off (into another
band!) and forget all about my previously planned-plans .. haha!!
but anyway all this has got me thinking back to when I saw them
live - and mad that I've let so long go by without seeing them again

It's funny how a change of season can get you instantly reaching
for certain albums ... I know that it won't be long until I am playing
Little Earthquakes again (I can already feel myself reaching for it!)
but I find that regardless of the time of year, that's an album that
every few months I always end up turning to ... I don't think any
other album has such a strong hold over me - and I don't know if
it's a good or bad thing to almost need songs that much ...

anyway let me know what you think to these songs
the orchestration in IN JOY AND SORROW particularly gets me
and in FUNERAL the musical interlude bit at 2.14 and then just
2.56 onwards - geez

do you like HIM?
what songs have you been obsessively playing lately?


  1. Great selection as always !

  2. You've got a gorgeous blog! Keep on the good work!

    Hope you'll may stumble over my blog too ;)

  3. Fantastic :) you always have a great selection and a fabulous taste! :) Ready for christmas?


  4. thank you so much for your last coment...

  5. Hi George, just stopping by to wish you a Happy Christmas.

  6. Oh my. I really missed a lot of your blogs, haven't I?

    Like you I haven't listened to HIM in years. I started listening to them in 2005. I remember Killing Loneliness, Wings of a Butterfly, and Join Me in Death the most.

    My God, I forgot how beautiful Funeral of Hearts is!!! Wow. I need to listen to HIM again. It has been too long.