Tuesday, 26 April 2011

... and if you have 5 seconds to spare

Kill Holiday

it was my perfect kind of day ... where the temperature overnight went from
26°C (bad) to 12°C (great) ... meaning I could still (just about!) wear my shorts
but could also add a long sleeve t shirt with my the pains of being pure at heart
t shirt over the top ... and to make the day even more perfect - I discovered a
new band ... Kill Holiday

you know - the kind of band where you think to yourself  '... to think, I could
never have known about this band ... **how could I have gone through life
without having this music in my life ... music that makes me feel like this'
( ... it's not just me that thinks this when hearing new bands is it?!)

the kind of band that was really suited to the day ... where the music perfectly
matched the blustery wind and the sudden change in temperature around you

"Somewhere Between The Wrong Is Right" still resembles the mid-nineties
Revelation sound of bands like Texas Is The Reason, only that it's like Texas
Is The Reason playing Ride-songs after listening to too much Morrissey''

"Kill Holiday reinvented themselves and retraced the footsteps that led them
to hardcore in the first place; great eighties pop like The Smiths, Ride, The
Charlatans - Englishmen with ideals and emotions matched in intensity only
by their subcultural counterparts in Washington DC at the time: Rites Of
Spring, Embrace, Soulside. It makes sense."

please leave your thoughts on this song below - I'd love to know how it affects
other people ... are there any bands that have made you think this above** 
then please let me know - I love finding out about new bands ... and getting
that initial rush, a new band/sound always gives you

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