Friday, 18 March 2011

have you ever been listening to a song, watching a film and it's just been too
much to take in - such is the assault on your senses that everything stops in
that split second as you realise what is happening to you ... Patrick Wolf
THE BACHELOR - track 5:  Damaris ... seriously this dude is killing me.

so I've bought Patrick's 4 albums ... I'm starting with his most recent album 
but I can't get past this track ... such is it's impact.

sweeping strings, ernest austere military beats ... intertwined irish whistle
snatches ... that whispered WAIT FOR ME ... the final sound of (salvational)
choral voices ... and that beginning ... I mean just those first 25 seconds 
*alone* ... geez

like I said, seriously this dude is killing me.

here is this song live ... check out that amazing outfit

''the song is semi-autobiographical and centred on the loss of love, but was
also inspired by a tale discovered by Patrick when he went to seek out his
English roots after a period of heartbreak and the ending of a relationship
that was documented in the song The
Magic Position

... tracing the roots of his father under the family name Apps back to
family of ferret
-catchers and blacksmiths in Brede, East Sussex, Patrick
stumbled across a small wooden cross engraved with the female name
Damaris among the gravestones of his ancestors'

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