Friday, 21 November 2014

Morrissey - Teatro Linear, Milan - 16 October 2014

The Bullfighter Dies
Kiss Me A Lot
You Have Killed Me
Certain People I Know
Neal Cassady Drops Dead
Everyday Is Like Sunday
How Soon Is Now?
World Peace Is None Of Your Business
I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
Trouble Loves Me
Earth Is The Loneliest Planet
Kick the Bride Down The Aisle
I'm Not A Man
Meat Is Murder

One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell

as I had hoped as soon as the lights go down everyone in seats rushed 
forward. and I do too. okay let me re-phrase that, only people from 
the first 8 rows move forward (I am row 7) ... but more on that later.

so after 2 years waiting. I am finally seeing Morrissey again. it is pretty
overwhelming, and I am curious what the first song will be. something 
epic and big and dramatic?? ... err it's The Bullfighter Dies!!! 

not my ideal set opener, especially after such a long wait. I sure as 
hell would have liked something a lot more dramatic (2 days Georgie 
#patience my boy) but having said that, it's a nice start, really joyful. 

the crowd is not manic, just really chilled. it's not what I am used to at 
a moz gig, but having said that it's nice. I mean I am not getting crushed 
to death (hello brixton) so I just enjoy it for what it is. it sure is very
interesting though seeing moz gigs outside the uk. Milan is definitely 
very similar to the New York gigs I saw, in how they react.

 things stay pretty much the same for Kiss me a lot. I like the song
 but it's definitely not one of my big favourites off the album.

Certain People I know is a big surprise, never heard it live. it's a jolly
lil thing. and I like it a lot. 1991 era moz. yes please.

Neal Cassady Drops Dead is one I really really wanted to hear off the 
new album. it is jarring, confrontational,  and in your face live. and yes
those jerking beats suit my dancing style (just shoulder moving really)
down to the ground. it's a marvel to see you know (it isn't really)

How Soon Is Now? is a shock. a good shock. 3 years since I heard it in
Manchester, it is one I was hoping to hear. it is loud and brutal and 
combined with being so close to the stage, the impact and sound is 
encompassing. the crowd hardly react. it's a weird one. it's all good
and well to go into the gig with the idea that you are going to go all
crazy, but when you are down the front and hardly anyone is moving
that plan kinda goes out the window. it would be pretty awkward if
you were the only one reacting in that way. so you kinda adapt to the
situation you find yourself in.

 now lets talk about that. I had always expected italian fans to be really 
 wild (cause I know how devoted they are) ... so imagine my shock at
 a/ how the audience near the front "react" ... and b/ the fact that after 
 the few rows of people that had moved down to the front, the rest of 
 the audience stay IN THEIR SEATS (basically) arms folded, with a look
 of ENTERTAIN ME on their faces ... this is a weird ass gig for sure.

**me above (cap) at 0.24/0.56 

so Speedway is not the epic live thing I had expected. well it IS in how it 
is played. I mean the audience reaction. I mean look at the above. exactly.
I did actually react after the break bit in the song, but that wasn't recorded
in the above. so there you go ... just picture me punching the air.

3.37 me cap/white t shirt punching air. yeah I love this song. and that
bit always really gets me. I always get a bit emotional at this part of it.

4.03 - 4.33 me, clapping ... punching the air (mixing it up yo) 
4.41 really going for it ... all alone haha. 

so I'm not a man. aside from Art-hounds and Mountjoy, this was the
main other new song I wanted to hear live. and I love it even more 
now I have witnessed it live. see the bits above. yeah I like it a lot.

this perfectly sums up the problem with this gig, things (audience wise)
are not as manic as what I am used to in the uk. there is never a moment
when it all just goes off (and you with it) the irony is just as it was getting 
to that stage with I'm Not a Man and One Day goodbye will be farewell, 
the gig ended.

Morrissey rejects my hand at 0.43!!!!! ... oh moz moz moz. I will get
your hand. I really will you know ;)

2.02  see my take the letter from the fan TO GIVE TO MOZ (cause he could 
not reach) haha I could have shook Moz's hand I bet, but I wanted to help 
that dude out. haha how nice am I??!! (I am pretty nice actually)

overall verdict.
it was great to see Morrissey
the crowd behind me was crap
the crowd near me was okay
just as I was getting really into it, it ended.

so not the manic gig I had hoped for
but still definitely worth all the effort to see it

little did I know but boy, how things would be very different in 2 days time 
in Pescara ... boy oh boy what was to come. I had no idea

... to be continued

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  1. " haha how nice am I??!! (I am pretty nice actually)" LOL!
    It sounds like a potentially great gig was spoilt by the damp squib of an audience,& apparently Moz wasn't happy with the venue. Glad that you just focused on the music though & enjoyed yourself.
    P.S. The air punching is awesome...
    P.P.S Can't wait to see your shoulder jerking dance (sherking?!) in person one day...