Tuesday, 13 May 2014

10 reasons why Moz's comeback single is rather magnificent.


     Morrissey is back today with a new single ... and yes it is 
     very exciting to be able to say that. and M did not disappoint. 
     here are the 10 reasons why Moz's comeback single is rather 
   1. it starts off all menacing and tribal-like, who does that? 
       no-one. except Moz.
   2. then on a flick of his heel/flick of his wrist (you choose) 
       goes into the sweetest refrain you've EVER heard. clever 
       one Moz.
   3. it sounds like a distant blissed out cousin of Ouija Board 
       (this is a very.good.thing.)
   4. talking of that ... is it only me who gets a (albeit very faint)
        surf/hawaiian feel from the music?? I love it.
   5. I really like how that music feels like it's doing it's own 
        thing in the background ... it feels like you never know 
        which direction it's going to go in.
   6. the lyrics. is it too much to ask for intelligent meaningful 
        lyrics these days? seemingly. Moz returns and in 1 song 
        alone, shows the banality of everyone else's lyrics.
   7. at 3.51 because of *that* (err wow) music break that's just 
        occurred ... it comes back sounding more victorious and 
        euphoric than ever.
   8. we can all feel a bit smug. as in THIS IS WHY WE LOVE HIM.
   9. the video (yes a point dedicated just to it)
   10. with M just reciting the lyrics, Nancy SINATRA wandering
          in all Debbie-Harry like(!!) and the whole thing having the
          air of a Twin Peaks (it's true!!) Fire Walk-With Me never
          before seen moment - it's pretty damn perfect.


     World Peace Is None Of Your Business is available to buy 
     now on itunes.


  1. Love it:) Except I keep thinking of the lyric, "Don't call it a come-back..."

    1. haha Hanny I know!
      ... but I see them as 2 things really
      COMEBACK for people who've been out of the
      spotlight for years *trying* to recapture what they
      had ... whereas Comeback Single, when someone
      comes back all guns blazing, reclaiming their throne
      (a la Moz!)