Wednesday, 2 April 2014

what music means to me.

  here's a new feature I've been thinking about doing for a while.
  I've always loved the whole music questions aspect from talking
  to people in the past ... but I wanted to know more than just the 
  last song they listened to or last album they bought ... so I could 
  get the bigger picture of  just what music means to them. 

  so I've got some questions that will find out just that.

  1. What is your favourite song?
  2. What is your favourite album?
  3. Favourite artist/band
  4. Has there ever been a song that has made you cry?
  5. What is your favourite song lyric?
  6. If you could recommend 1 song (or album/band) for me to check out
  7. If you could go back in time and see any one concert?
  8. What does music mean to you?

  I saw Matt near Bleecker street when I was in New York ... and 
  knew this cool dude would be perfect to ask. thanks for doing this 


   1. What is your favourite song?

   my favourite song - of all time? ... that's tough because there's so 
   much good music. I'm really liking Kings Of Leon right now, I think 
   that's probably my favourite band at the moment ... but my favourite 
   song of all time ... I couldn't give you just one (okay give me a few 
   then 'cause I know it's hard to narrow it down ... a top 5) ... I like 
   a lot of Pink Floyd, I guess they're from your neck of the woods ... 
   anything from Floyd, Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin, that's a great 
   song ... Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd (I know it's hard to be put 
   on the spot, and you'll be remembering after I've gone ... you'll think, 
   this song and this song, why didn'I' say that)  yeah right ... Arizona 
   by Kings of Leon, that's like my favourite song right now anyways ... 
   what is it, Mr Bigmouth by the Smiths, that's a great song. I don't 
   know, I've got lots of them!

   2. What is your favourite album? 

   man ... again I listen to such a wide variety of music, so I can't really
   say I have one favourite album ... what do I always go to though?  
   I don't know, Pink Floyd's The Wall  is a good one ... favourite? I don't 
   know though ... I couldn't really tell you!

   3. Favourite artist/band

   my favourite artist ... Miles Davis is great, I love Miles Davis. favourite
   band, probably Kings of Leon. Mumford and Sons is great too, a really 
   good band.

   4. Has there ever been a song that has made you cry?

   ooh ... I can't remember, I can't remember ... definitely makes me 
   emotional though.

  5. What is your favourite song lyric?

   one of my favourite bands is Thrice (yeah yeah) ... you ever heard of 
   Thrice? (yeah) Dustin Kensrue has a song and it's talking about like, he
   sees his friends down below... (sings) 'I see my friends' ... no, wait, hows 
   it go? (laughs) ... oh man I'm like just drawing a blank (can you remember 
   the title of the song?) yeah yeah, it's ... oh man how's it go?!? (I'll google 
   it, I'll find it don't worry!) ... (starts singing to himself again) 'the rocks 
   are leaping for the sky' ... oh man I'm so bad right now, cause I'm never 
   put on the spot like this, so it's hard.

   ***  I found it from that! it's called 'See You In The Shallows - and it has
   great lyrics indeed (+ song) ... see it below!

   6. If you could recommend 1 song (or album/band) for me to check out

   Kings of Leon and Arizona, specifically that song ... it's just a beautiful 
   song, a 5 minute song ... real good, kind of ambient ... guitar riffs ... the 
   guy's a real good singer ... I don't know ... I think you'd probably like 
   that song.


   (a band to check out?) Thrice (I always meant to ... never got around 
   to) Thrice is a really good band ... Vheissu ... they actually just stopped 


   Mumford and Sons, that's a great band you should check out (yeah I've 
   got the first album) I haven't heard Babel yet.

   7. If you could go back in time and see any one concert?

   ooh ... I'd like to see The Doors I think, I think to see Jim Morrison
   play ... would be pretty killer ... or Jimi Hendrix ... or even like Pink 
   Floyd when it was the original group.

   8.  What does music mean to you?

   It means a lot you know. I don't necessarily think it means everything 
   but I think it definitely means a lot to me you know ... I listen to music 
   every day, but there's also times when I just kind of like to be ... I need 
   silence. I don't know ... I think there's a mentality in the west, at least
   in america, where you see people have been tricked into thinking that 
   music is everything, but I wouldn't really hold that view because there's 
   got to be more than just THAT, as in just itself, like music. I guess more 
   like from a philosophical standpoint ... but ... I love music, I listen to it 
   every day you know, it just evokes emotion ... and just, it means a lot 
   to me.

   do you like this new feature?
   ... what would your answers be?
   let me know below!

   look out for a lot more of these in the future.


  1. Great feature and I like Matt's answers. Here are mine.

    1. I love music and I have a favorite for different moods. If I had to pick an absolute favorite I would have to say Sugar by Tori Amos.

    2. Again I have many favorites from all the different generes. My overall favorite would be Little Earthquakes - Tori Amos

    3. Favorite artist/band, Artist would be Tori Amos (surprise), Band would be Kings of Leon right now but I do love Pink Floyd too. Oh and U2.

    4. Jupiter by Tori Amos, makes me think of my best friend who I lost some time ago.

    5. "Skies without stars
    All the nights without you
    I watch the world
    From a room without a view." K. D. Lang - Love Affair

    6. Strong - London Grammer or Dream my Dreams with you - Rodney Crowell and Emmy Lou Harris.

    7. I would have loved to have gone to a Pink Floyd concert or a Pet Shop Boys concert when they first started out.

    8. Music is everything. It helps to express things that I find hard to say. I love how you can always finds something new to hear that moves you so deeply within your soul. I also like how it can spark a memory that can move you to tears or a huge smile.

    I hope I hit them all.

    1. thanks so much for answering Randy.

      I love that Tori featured so heavily. I'm totally there
      with you ... and you chose LITTLE EARTHQUAKES!!!

      I'm really glad you chose 2 songs to recommend,
      because I already knew (and love) London Grammar,
      and I really wanted to hear something new ... and I
      loved your choice. I knew as soon as I heard Rodney's
      voice I'd like it ... and then when I heard Emmylou's
      ... and the lyrics ... why I love getting to check out songs
      I'd probably otherwise never hear. it's like when you hear
      a song and think, this song could have passed you by
      and not been in your life.

      Beautiful KD song (+ lyrics) I didn't know it. I have to
      catch up with all the KD tracks I don't know.

      I'd liked to have seen an early Pet Shop Boys
      tour also, anything up to BEHAVIOUR. Pink Floyd

      thanks for taking the time to answer Randy.
      I loved reading your answers and sensing the
      importance of music to you. that's why it's my
      new favourite part of my blog.