Thursday, 18 October 2012

and then one day you wake up and you're not in new york anymore.

and boy it's a horrible feeling ... yes I was in new york last week.

I know many bloggers would have been talking about it for months
beforehand ... but I was a nervous wreck. the gigs not happening
and the above scenario was my biggest fear (and just the whole
7+ hours on a plane which I am just not used to) and that is why
no-one apart from my immediate family knew that I was going.
I did drop a clue after the first new york gig ... and then after the
2nd gig was relaxed enough to post the manhattan picture. if the
worse had happened I would have wrote about it ... just probably
in about a years time when I had gotten over the upset.

but nothing got cancelled:) and I had an amazing time.

and now I'm back. in body if not entirely in spirit (yet) I always
hate going away and then coming back. and it's not normally new
york ... which is making it a lot more harder. I am happy to be
back, I loved it there but it was a bit hard at times being on your
own - but that's not making it any easier being back or stopping
me wishing I was back there. my first day back has basically just
been me thinking 'this isn't new york' at everything that I saw
and looking disgruntled/angry/sad all at the same time(!) but
I'm always the same, I get attached to things too easily. and I
can't even listen to morrissey for solace cause it brings so many
memories back!! ... yes I know!! what a (mozzer) mess!!!

already I am finding it hard to believe that just a few days ago
I was walking around the lower east side. in a few days I'll feel
like I've never been been away and that is what I hate. I think
you always want to try and hold onto a certain frame of mind
and feeling but I think you can only get those feelings when
you are somewhere else. but even if you can't hold onto those
feelings, it can be enough just remembering how you felt. 

I have a lot more to say about new york and have a lot of new
york posts lined up ... there will be a new york header to the
right so you will be able to see anything new york related by
just clicking that. if you don't like new york you might want to
avoid this blog!!:)

things that are making me smile.
the new Placebo e.p that came out on monday. that first track
(B3) is turning my world upside down. and that opening line 
(I refuse to remain in regret) ... gotta be the best opening line
ever. and the guitars ... god how I love the sound of guitars
when they hit you in a wall of sound like that.
yes it is basically just morrissey/suede/placebo.

finally getting to see HER NAME IS CALLA on friday (and pretty
excited to be seeing I like trains too)


I've only ever seen (her name is calla) lead singer t.e. moriss solo
before and the gig is happening at the guildhall!! the earliest part
of it was built in 1390!!!! (more info here)


which I think should make for a really atmospheric gig. I just hope
the ghosts don't mind!! - yes it's haunted!! ... with 5 reported ghosts
the guildhall is reputedly leicester's most haunted building!

think you might like this H.

and err getting back to the gym!! (I know, but I've kinda missed
it!) *how much* pizza did I eat in new york??!! but it was new
york and I am half italian!! - but eating pizza every day is not a
good thing!! I know I'll be at the gym and get a wistful moment
and think of new york and what I was doing this time last week
etc ... dude don't be so sensitive be more grrr haha!!

currently working on the new york moz fans pics which will be
up in the next few days ... and then the gig reviews.

hello to any new york moz fans looking to see if the pics are up
(they will be in a few days!) ... you all made an english fan very


  1. Sounds like you had fun for the most part. I always feel that way when I visit a new city. It's wonderful to be there, hard to go home but I'm happy once I'm back.

  2. nice post

  3. interesting, broad post as you always have :)
    have a look at my brandnew header&design on my blog :))