Thursday, 20 September 2012

What Are You Wearing ... Who Are You Listening To?

   Teresa, 24
   (Kensington Gardens, London)

   clothes:  new stuff that I just find in thrift shops and on the internet
   style inspiration:  historical fashion

   last song you listened to:  The Dubliners - The Rocky Road To Dublin 
   last album you bought:  Mylene Farmer (recent stuff)
   last gig you saw:  I don't go to concerts that much 

   Lauren, 22

   top - kurt cobain t shirt from eBay
   skirt - charity shop
   shoes  - doc martens from eBay
   leather jacket - Camden
   style inspiration: I wouldn't say I've got one ... I'm just a bit of a grunger really

   last song you listened to:  Nirvana - Lithium 
   last album you bought:  The Smiths Greatest Hits ... (here is a song from it)
   last gig you saw:  Foo Fighters at Camden Roudhouse ... I won tickets to go see it

   King-wan, 19

   shirt - commes des garcon
   belt - Mastermind Japan 
   trousers - balmain
   cardigan - unico
   boots - gareth pugh
   style inspiration:  just what I like

   last song you listened to: The Kills - The Last Goodbye 
   last album you bought:  Eason Chan "?"  ... (here is a song from it)
   last gig you saw:  The Yours in Hong Kong 2 months ago


  1. great post, nice blog friend

  2. Great post. I love hearing what's going on in people's minds. Everybody has a story. And I love seeing Nirvana fans across the world. Have to say that my trip to Kurt's hometown of Aberdeen last year is still stuck on me.

  3. Love this feature!! So cool to see a variety of different styles and people! The first girl is sooo cool!

  4. Too fun. I love Lauren's outfit.

  5. you are a great hunter of street style! yikes already love this blog <3

    Following you now, hope you follow me too now!