Wednesday, 16 November 2011

it's you, it's you ... it's all for you

I'm err kinda in love with her
haha - I'm not even joking!!

and the video ... this is my favourite kind
of video - and she's even got skaters in it(!!)

I love how those clips fit in so
beautifully and

haha - funny thing - there's a clip in the vid
where she smiles ... and it's real cute - but I
actually prefer the moody + non-smiling
clips more!

my favourite bits in the video:

0.31 - 0.37 - 0.55 - 1.07
1.16 - 1.21 - 1.32 - 1.43

3.15 - 3.19 - 3.21 - 3.54

what do you think to Lana/the song/video?
which parts of the video do you like?
... have you fell in love with her too?!


  1. love this video and her voice..she's so pretty! i love when they're on the cute.


  2. I love her so much. I have been listening to this song non stop for months.
    Love love love.


  3. You know I'm totally obsessed too. Did you see her perform it on Jools? So sweet, she seemed a bit nervous, which just made her even more loveable.

  4. What a fabulous voice! Geez. Anytime I visit your blog I realize how out of the loop I am with music these days. She's amazing and yet another person I've come across thanks to YOU. I'm already checking out her other stuff now. :)