Monday, 8 August 2011

Morrissey - The Palladium, London - 8/8/11


our tickets are great ... 5th and 6 rows + directly in front of each other
(just 1 seat along apart) and right near the edge, which means if there
is a rush for the stage we can make a quick exit ... and as soon as the
lights go down people do make a rush for it and we are out those seats
and squeezing down the front ... 2nd row secured!! the first 3 songs that
start the gig are the same as last night - it is so good to have such a
good position and know you are not going to have to fight to keep hold
of that place ... set list change around ... EVERY DAY IS LIKE SUNDAY
is now nearer the start of the gig ...  and get this it's still slow - but I
a/hardly notice it ... b/ enjoy it 100 times more than the night before
... and I have no idea if it's connected to having such a great view
point?!! ...

also played a lot earlier in the set ... and just like the previous night
the song is affecting me just by watching it, it's definitely a new thing
for me (and especially what I am not used to for this song) just how this
wave of emotion just goes over you at an unexpected moment and you
realise what has just happened ... one thing I liked is when I realised I
could hear both mine and Paul's voices singing along at the same time,
and in the corner of my eye see we were both punching the air in
unison - kinda cute ... then something amazing happens, Morrissey
comes over and reaches out to the fans outstreched hands, Paul is
reaching forward and I'm pushing him ... and then Morrissey grabs
his hand .... afterwards I see he is crying and wiping away tears from
both eyes - it was a really powerful and beautiful moment and I felt 
really privileged to have seen such a tender moment ... and now I've
wrote about it on the blog and told everyone - but it's not like he kept
it a secret, he told me about it after the gig  ... and there is no shame
in crying. I've not said what he said to Morrissey because it's nice to
keep that private and personal.

I KNOW IT'S OVER!!!! ... and once again it's the 'if you're so funny'
bit and the part that follows that get to me ... just how this small feeling
builds inside of you (... heart is that you swelling?) how the mind takes
a minute to realise what the body is doing ... it's really great to hear
SCANDINAVIA a second time ... but it will be nothing compared to
the epic-ness of hearing ART HOUNDS a 2nd time!!!! I am all ready
for it

THE KID'S A LOOKER ... another new song, not played last night, really
REALLY great ... love the verses but the chorus is a lot of LA LA LA's
where I think more great words should be there - but it is still a really
unbelievable song that (along with ART HOUNDS) I need on cd NOW!!
... I see ONE DAY GOODBYE WILL BE FAREWELL in a whole new light
after tonight, I always liked it but live it is so empassioned that I just
want to relive the feeling of hearing it live in from of me again and again.

then the moment ... SPEEDWAY starts up ... it is going to be perfect
I'm jumping, people are reacting ... a girl flies over the edge to get on
the stage ... bear in mind .... this is a THEATRE ... there is an orchestra
pit BELOW you (between the audience/stage) ... you have to clear a
huge gap to MAKE the stage ... i.e. you RISK INJURY to to do that
but she kinda does it ... hanging on the edge of the stage as she tries to
make it up there .... oh my god ... it get's to the bit where the song
ends and it goes dark, it starts up and from nowhere bodies are lunging
forward and FLYING towards the stage ... all while I'm trying to get
back into the song ... no good Morrissey has stopped singing amidst
all the chaos ... it was like the Dallas 91 gig ... it was beautiful and
horrifying at the same time and had a real cinematic hazy feel to it
(I mean it's happening as SPEEDWAY is being played ... surreal)
Morrissey starts singing towards the end so I get the end bit of the
song at least, I am disappointed that it happened, but in another way
these moments are seared in my brain, forever associated with this
song (that already has a huge impact from past gigs) and that's pretty
damn special

here's footage of it ... you can't really see the actual stage diving
but you can see the crazy heavy-handed security guys

the last 2 songs are MEAT IS MURDER and FIRST OF THE GANG
TO DIE ... I preferred 'Meat the night before, because the stage was
bigger so the backdrop for the film was a lot bigger and the loudness
at the end didn't seem as loud tonight? ... FIRST OF THE GANG
ended the night great though ... especially after the complete chaos
of 'Speedway!!!

err no ART HOUNDS ... what the hell is Morrissey doing to me!!!!!!!
youtube video (included in my previous post) prepare to have your
viewers increased A LOT in the next few days!!!

I Want The One I Can't Have
Irish Blood, English Heart
You're The One For Me, Fatty
Everyday Is Like Sunday
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
Action Is My Middle Name
Come Back To Camden
I Know It's Over
Ouija Board, Ouija Board
Satellite Of Love
The Kid's A Looker
You Have Killed Me
I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
Meat is Murder

First Of The Gang To Die

... err look at THAT gap!!!!!


oh yeah those secret songs I was hoping for: ANGEL ANGEL DOWN
I WANT. I have no idea how I would've reacted if they had have been
played ... well I do :) - so perhaps it's best that they wern't (especially
if the former would have been like Dallas 91)

songs I find out (after the gig) that were *rumoured* to be played
at the London gigs (after being played at other dates on the uk tour)
- but WERE NOT played in London

Shoplifters of the world*

... runs into the distance screaming NOOOOOOOOO .... especially for*

bright idea of the gig!!!
instead of having to hold the t shirts we had bought and tieing up our
hands from punching the air and err... shaking moz's hand(!) we decided
WE'D JUST WEAR THEM!! - problem solved!! ... hands free!! - well this
worked okay for Paul who bought 1 t shirt but I bought 2 - so was wearing
3 t shirts altogether ... I only lasted a few songs before I couldn't take it
anymore - the only problem was because they were Mediums's all the t
shirts were quite tightly packed and the 2 gig shirts just wouldn't come
off in 1 go .... so get this, the people behind me saw I was struggling and
helped me by holding the t shirt I went to the gig in (READ SALINGER)!!
down so I could pull the others apart .... it was still really hard, in the
process I pulled the muscles on both sides of my upper back!!!! ... kudos
to Paul who managed to wear his 2 shirts the whole gig!!

shout out to Paul ... like I said last time, cool guy.

Morrissey's doing a blog (apparently!!) ... check it out, it's really good
... whoever is behind it!!


  1. aw, I would definitely cry too if I got to see Morrissey live. Or I would just pass out from the excitement. Or maybe both, I don't know! haha.
    Anyway, it sounds like you and your friend had a blast! You got some great pictures too!

  2. hi lovely blog and your decribed feeling of hearing i know its over and there is a light is great to read and very true
    how are your feeling hearing "come back to camden".?
    many peopel adore this i wonder about your feeling/thoughts hearing it live(feel free to add)since you wrote about practically every song.

  3. i need to ask you sth about the gig- is there a way to contact you?

  4. Lovely photos as always, George!

    And...Morrissey has a blog????? Must it out immediately. Thanks for the heads up! :)