Tuesday, 18 January 2011

You Don't Need Me As Much As I Need You

the first 13 seconds are just a single note, just wavering + stuttering, staccato
like - like you are being suspended, in anticipation - at just WHAT is to come 
... and that is a huge, intense sound - like the bunnymen (circa 'Killing moon)
channeling 'Unforgettable fire era U2 ... by the time the 46 second mark arrives
it's changed gear, into a shimmering ethereal twin peaks-esque moment of pure
beauty and clarity with James's vocal jabbing at you (... since my eyes saw
yours, if I'm your world, then the world is yours) ... all this and you realise the
clock has only just passed the 1 minute mark.

the rest of the song builds on everything that has gone before with crashing,
jagged guitars weaving in and out ... and if you thought that the emotion from
the previous lyric couldn't be beaten ... well it is, just one simple line, repeated
twice (... you don't need me as much as I need you) that hits the very core of
you in it's plaintive delivery. Pay close attention to the 4 minute mark (and just
before the final chorus burst) ... it's the most bittersweet ending to a song since
Abba's ONE OF US.

the song ends and you realise just how many emotions you have just felt in
those 5 minutes ... THIS is what music is about .... it bodes very well for the
bands 2nd album EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK \\\\\\ out 4 april - already
with this one song they have eclipsed everything they have previously done
- which if you've heard their debut album you'll realise is no mean feat.

THE WORLD IS YOURS is available for a limited time as a free download
at the band's website http://www.glasvegas.net/

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